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I live near Salzburg/Austria and since I was a boy my hobby has always been to build models. Snce I'm about 17 I'm specialized on US Navy ships and aircraft all in the same scale of 1:72. I'm doing this since quite a few years. My goal is to have one model of every type of aircraft ever flown with US Navy markings. Perhaps a rather big goal but at least I will try to accomplish this.
My biggest love is scratch building ships and dioramas. 2-3 times a year I go to modelshows most of all to meet new friends.
And believe it or not I'm still married!

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, overwhelm them with rivets!

Cheers to all


Grumman A-6E Intruder VA 36

Hi there again, I want you to show another model of my growing collection. This time it’s the Italeri A-6E kit in 1:72. It took me about 3 weeks to finish this beautiful kit. With the exception of those 2 bang seats all extra parts are [...]

Curtiss XF14C-2 1:72

Oh the joy of building a model – or welcome to the dark side! You all know the story of how bad vacu kits or other short run kits can be but today I can tell you, I have seen the worst nightmare you can imagine, that is if it comes to [...]

Fifty shades of grey

F-18F Super Hornet BuNo.165677 VFA-122 NAS Lemoore “100 Years of Naval Aviation” 1911-2011 Decals Galore<< Now if you like decals, read on, but if you dislike or even hate them, please STOP reading NOW! I’ve warned you so [...]

North American A-J1 Savage or who’s afraid of the big bad Vacu-form kit?

When you talk to model-builders about vacu-form kits you can see in their reactions a mixture of ignorance and sheer terror. Building a vacu form kit is still something of a mystery to most model-builders. Sure in today’s world of [...]

North American XA2J-1 >Super Savage

Hard to believe but this almost unknown version was planned and ordered by the Navy even before its predecessor the first production AJ-1 was completed. 3 of this massive airframes were ordered, 2 for test-flights and a third one for [...]

Grandpa's Tomcat >Burgess Dune AH-7

These machines were used by the US Navy during the early years before WWI. The strange looking aircraft was a pretty interesting design for it’s time, it even could have been called a flying wing, cause there was no tail at all. Another [...]

Dornier Cs II Delphin 1924 US Navy, 1:72

It started with a kit but it ended as a complete scratch build. I stumbled across this kit from a short run manufacturer (Lüdemann) during a model show near Munich Germany. Actually it looked pretty well inside the bag and the price, as [...]

Grumman F6F-7 “One Hell of a Cat”

F6F-7 Super Hellcat Soon after the first appearance of Japanese Kamikaze in October 1944, it became obvious for the US Navy that they were in need of high performance “Interceptor” to counter this new and deadly threat. Work on the [...]

Schneider Cup 2.0 ?

After the smashing success with the Red Bull Air Races, the Austrian company announces a reprise of the legendary Schneider Cup Trophy. This cup, which was once the meeting place for the world’s fastest piston engined powered air racer [...]

BOOOM ! I had another name for this dio but I’m afraid some people would call that "political-incorrect".

I’m building models for quite some years now, and I like to depict especially unusual things or ideas in a diorama. So it was no wonder that since many years I wanted to recreate an explosion in a model, the question simply was: How on [...]