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The Jack- Hasegawa 1/48 J2M3 Raiden

The Mitsubishi J2M Raiden (Jack) was a radical departure from conventional Japanese fighter design. It's wide, barrel-like fuselage design stemmed from the layout of its Kasei engine, and was used primarily for home defense. As an interceptor, i[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 N1K2-J Shiden Kai

Hasegawa's 1/48 N1K2-J shown here is the late-90s re-tool. Previously, the company had released their first 1/48 N1K2-J in the late 70s/early 80s with raised panel lines, about the same time as the 1/48 Kyushu Shinden. This new-tool kit is a [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 Zero Family-pt. 3

Here are the other Hasegawa 1/48 Zeros in my collection (so far). They include the A6M3 type 32 "Hamp" with squared-off wingtips and deleted radio and antenna, A6M3 type 22 with white fuselage band, and A6M5c type 52 "Hei" flown by ace Takeo T[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 Zero Family-pt. 2

Here are some more Hasegawa 1/48 Zeros. The A6M2 Model 11, A6M2 Model 21, and the A6M2-K trainer in bright orange. The latter is from Hasegawa's 65th anniversary limited-edition Zero box set released in 2005. The A6M2-K is now available as an in[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 12-Shi prototype- The First Zero

In 2005, Hasegawa offered a very limited-edition "65th anniversary" box set of Mitsubishi A6M "type 0" fighter kits in 1/48 scale. Fifteen different kits were included in the set, some of which were never previously released individually, all wi[...]

Fine Molds 1/48 A5M1 and A5M2b “Claudes”

Here's a pair of the Fine Molds 1/48 Mitsubishi A5M "Claudes" that I did last year. Fine Molds did several versions of this plane, these two being the A5M1 and A5M2b. The most accurate A5M kits in 1/48, the kits are really quite simple, have the[...]

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I 1:72

Hi Guys I want to share my supermarime Spitfire Mk.I from tamiya kit. I cooperated it with aires detail set (open engine, gun bays, cockpit) and photoetched parts by eduard (flaps). I also made a lot of details myself (rivets,etc.) I painted it [...]

WNW 1/32 Sopwith Triplane

Here is the Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Triplane, done as "BLYMP," flown by Flight sub-Lieutenant Robert H. "Bob" Little of Naval 8, the Australian Ace of Aces in all wars with 47 victories. With 22 victories, N5493 was the second most-successfu[...]

Wingnut Wings Fokker Eindecker E-III Late

Another outstanding Wingnut Wings model kit. This one was built out of the box as nothing else but rigging is necessary on these kits. Rotary engines in WWI used castor oil as a lubricant introduced into the gas/air stream. It was not absorbed b[...]

Junkers Ju-87G2 Kanonenvogel

Here is my recently finished model : Junkers Ju-87G2 Kannonvogel from Hasegawa in 1/32 scale. Model built almost straight from box with exception of Eduard seat belt details and canopy maskings. When I decided to built "something diffrent" I f[...]