Review: TAMIYA 48th scale F-4B PHANTOMquick preview

This is for the people, who do not own this kit... yet. Stay tuned for the build... For more details about this Tamiya kit, tools and paints from this video please visit: (link) DISCLAIMER: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kit, paints, [...]

iModeler Help & Tutorials - Overview

Understanding what iModeler is about Understanding Headlines, Groups and Database areas of iModeler Navigating the Headlines Navigating the Database Navigating Groups area Posting your first article at iModeler: A gentle [...]

iModeler tutorialUnderstanding Headlines, Groups and Database areas of iModeler

If you are new to iModeler, the prospect of posting something may be a bit overwhelming, and the way the information at the site is organized (and there's a lot of information!) isn't immediately apparent. The purpose of this article is [...]

Review: Meng 1/35 Mastiff II Review

Video: New Tool 1/48 Mil Mi-8MT HIP by Zvezda (Video Review)

New Tool 1/48 Mil Mi-8MT (Video Preview) by Zvezda. Kit was provided by Hobby Pro Marketing AUSTRIA for a review. Very nice kit, great surface details, great interior with engines. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kit, [...]

iModeler tutorialUnderstanding what iModeler is about

iModeler is a new kind of online hobby community -- also voted as the Best Modeling Club on the Planet! Here is a short overview of what it can do. It puts you in control. No more waiting for days or weeks for your article to be [...]

Editor's story: How iModeler came to be

My name is Martin Waligorski and I love modeling. It has been my favorite hobby for as long as I dare to remember. My Internet adventure begun in 1996, when the web was still young, Trimaster 1/48 Fw 190s were considered the best model [...]

iModeler tutorialNavigating Groups area

The Groups area at iModeler is where you can freely interact and collaborate with other members of this community. You do so by starting, participating in, or reading Groups. A Group is essentially a mini-community with its own membership, [...]

iModeler tutorialImage reference guide

Our ambition with iModeler is for you to be able to take pictures directly off your camera and just post them to the site. All the "boring" but oh-so-necessary image processing - reconciling file formats, resizing, image [...]

iModeler tutorialNavigating the Database

Besides providing your daily dose of modeling at the Headlines, iModeler has a vast directory of articles past and present, counting into thousands and thousands of items. Our Database is a powerful way of exploring, following and [...]