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1:24 scale modeling

1/24 PROFIL 24 E Type Low Drag Coupe

Rearranging my shelves turns up a kit I've had at least since 2010? Just as I was now starting my second Pocher Alfa by building the wire wheels... and this archived temptation is found?...(they even supplied two vac window sets) "How [...]

1/24 Profil 24 Jaguar XJR5 Daytona 1985 Group 44

1/24 Profil 24 Jaguar XJR5 Daytona 1985 Group 44 Is there a more beautiful race car? Not for me anyway. On a track they are simply poetry in motion. A quite an exceptional kit in every way. I think I recall using generic rattle can [...]

1/24 Hasegawa Lancia 037 Rally: Usual Hasegawa...

1/24 Hasegawa Lancia 037 Rally: Usual Hasegawa quality and detail. Excellent decals. Used two pack clear coat and think it’s a bit too thick. Probably not use it again? GOAT rally cars..among many:)

1/24 Fujimi Toyota FJ Cruiser

1/24 Fujimi Toyota FJ Cruiser An exact curbside replica of my full scale Toyota FJ Cruiser. I had custom decals made for the correct vanity plate and Paris-Dakar window graphics. Added exact upgrade with BFG All Terrain tires.

14 - Tamiya 1/24 Mazda 787b

I was given this kit semi- built and really loved completing it, I'd love to get a new one and start from scratch as it was a really nice kit, the car turned out beautifully. Only had one issue with it where half of a decal for no reason I [...]


Kit made by Hasegawa I finished the late model of SUNNY TRUCK with rat paint specification. In addition to the paint, I also added detail improvements to each part. The SR400 on the back of the truck is a repainted and slightly modified [...]

Lancia Delta S4 - 1/24

Hi, There is final version of my Lancia Delta S4 from Beemax comp. With a few added details including homemade car jack. I was trying to make it look like realistic car and not like a toy, its not perfect ... next time it will be better [...]

Hasegawa 1/24 Lancia Stratos HF "1977 Monte Carlo Rally Winner"

Hasegawa 1/24 scale kit This Stratos in Alitalia color was one of the cars that I wanted to finish someday. The rear fenders have been modified to smooth lines with no seams, and catch pins and antennas have been replaced. The Alitalia [...]

Fujimi 1/24 Porsche 356 cabriolet – Janis Joplin’s Porsche

Hello, I joined today and add my first article here.

Finished Typhoon 1/24

Got it done. Really nice kit. Decals haven't quite settled yet in these pics. Decals were actually very stubborn. Aftermarket rockets were the only extra. Not much in the way of stencils. Can't say I was sorry but no "don't [...]