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Star Wars: Galactic Empire- TIE Interceptor (1:90)

The TIE fighters have always been one of my favorites in the Star Wars genre. Even if I prefer the classic ones, I have opted for the slightly more "sporty" looking variant. This is actually my Tie second fighter, the first one [...]

Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-9 Tamiya 1/48

One of those late war birds...RLM 81/82//76 camo,well hidden marks...

Revell 1/90 SANTA MARIA (from 1969) moulds

Something different from me! done for the client with this project from the end of the sixties of the last century and reissue Will be made up out of the box with no additives or fuss. painted Gunze-C & Valleyo. P.k