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Academy 1/35 Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)

In March 1938, Hitler implemented the occupation of the Sudetenland (Bohemia-Moravia) and the seizure of Czechoslovakia. As a result, the Germans took over the Czechoslovak industry, including the Skoda factory, which produced the Lehký [...]

Bush War...1/48 Hawker Hunter FGA.9, Rhodesian Airforce

My dad´s next completion. It´s a long way to Mukumbura... Used the old Academy kit from 1997. It has its flaws and issues but overall not that bad. Wings to fuselage joints and air intakes needed some more filler and work. The cockpit is [...]

Academy 1/72 F/A-18B Hornet, 2OCU RAAFTiger Scheme

Hi all. It's been a slow year at Casa de Crosby but a second build has crawled it's way over the line. The kit is the quite nice 1/72 Academy F/A-18D converted to an Aussie B. In order to get to the B version that we flew, a few lumps and [...]

FAB Brazilian Air Force P-47D,Academy 1/48.

Hi Friends, My last work was a P-47D Thunderbolt, with Brazilian markings, used at WWII by FAB ( Brazilian Air Force) to help the allied forces, for combat the german army in italy in 1944. These planes later went to Brazil, and became [...]

John Glenn's F-86F Mig Mad Marine, Academy 1/72

Hi all after a long time of inactivity as a consequence of lot health issues, finally back on track :). Finished Academy F-86 in colours of John Glenn machine from Korea war period. Academy is well known "plastic", good details, [...]

1/35 Academy OH-58 Kiowa

First out of two Kiowas in my stash is completed. I've started simultaneous build of both Academy and Revell models. One is for myself, other one is commission build. Since I have to put commission build model in more or less [...]


The kit is the old ACADEMY full interior. There are many newer kits and offcourse much better. Old kit with small fitting problems. The tracks are piece by piece a little tricky. The model painted with Tamiya Colours and Winsor varnish. I [...]

Academy B-17F: Mediterranean Ferret

I am always looking for planes to build that are a little out of the ordinary. I came across an article in Aviation Historian about B-17Fs that were used in the Mediterranean as ferrets. A ferret is an aircraft that is designed to [...]

Video: B-29 Superfortress - Academy 1/72Aircraft Model

Academy 1/48 P-47D Bubbletop

After completing Lt Richard W. Lander's P-40F, who was assigned to the 315th FS, 324th FG, I was asked if I could also build a P-47 he flew. His Group went from N Africa to Italy then on to Southern France where their P-40F's were replaced [...]