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Academy 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat, Atlantic Theater

This was a nice little kit – engraved panel lines and some larger fastener details around the cowl/nose area. They were a bit like new Airfix kits, waaayyy over scale! I added a few additional missing panel lines and then riveted the [...]

Special Hobby 1/72 Harvard MkIIA

A reboxing of the Academy plastic with some lovely resin bits and transparencies from Special Hobby and surgical instructions to covert the Texan to the Harvard. No real issues with the fit, my only complaint would be that the masking set [...]

Review: Academy A6M2b Zero fighter 1/48 scale test build

Brand New Tool from Academy - A6M2b Zero fighter (Model 21) in 1/48 scale. Great looking kit, great fit. Disclaimer: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kit, paints, tools and to make this video! Thanks! Music info: Best licensed [...]

Rescue from the shelf of Doom: Academy's Mig 21

A long time ago I acquired a two-model deal. The first model (Eduard's Mirage) quickly found its way to the display shelf. I used the Polish swordfish scheme decal of the Mig model on an Eduard model and the model found it way to the shelf [...]

When I close my eyes I see teeeny tiiiny stencils.....Tamiya 1/48 F-4B

I won't add much to the narrative of what a great kit this is, but one feature I really enjoyed was the folded wing option. I used Furball decals for the VF-84 markings (anyone else think their national insignia is too light of a blue?) [...]

My First Natural Metal Finish

This is an Academy 1/48 MiG-21 that I built to do in natural metal finish, my first. I used the technique found in AK’s book FAQ using Tamiya paints primarily along with other things such as pencil lead, both drawn on and powdered. I was [...]

The hard working bunny: Academy F-4J Phantom II (with Furball decals)

It can be rightfully argued that no model airplane collection is complete without a Phantom. But with so many extraordinary Phantom models out there, how can a "developing" modeller aspire to do something with a potential to [...]

Academy 1/48 P-47D Bubbletop

This is my contribution to the Jerry Grandall Tribute Group Build organized by Tom Cleaver on iModeler. Thanks Tom for the invitation and for starting this Group Build as a way to honor some of Jerry's great decals. I used EagleCals sheet [...]


Ciao, here a small diorama with an Hetzer by Academy; the kit was very nice to built and paint. Also in this case my son made the idea and the base of dio in particulary the stones wall, he collect all the stones and glue one by one. The [...]


Built this as a "Quickie", OOB to give me a break between the "Dora", and the now started 1/100th HMS Victory. (build photo's on another article eventually) Kit was a real pleasure to build, but for some reason i had an [...]