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Dornier Do X, “Landing on Hudson River”, 1/144 Otaki

December 18, 2017 · in Aviation · · 21 · 3.9K

The largest, heaviest, and most powerful flying boat in the world (1929)

This is my only made diorama, still, that I've finished just a year ago.
Dornier Do X in scale. built by old 's kit that I found from german collector. I no plan to make a base or make diorama of with this kit but I dreamed this 'scene', and I had so much fun to realize this scene to miniature life. after that long process then one day, this was finished.

I really like this theme. there's no war between two country and whole New Yorkers were made crowd for just watching an seaplane. it's quite nostalgic scene. It makes me happy when I imagine to be into that time, that era.

So, Dornier Do X was brand new airliner to long distance. it had 3 floors of decks, had capability of transport 100 passenger for short distance, and 66 passengers for long flight. Dornier sent this big bird to long trip for their promotion. this Do X was passed many city's of Europe, Africa, South America and just arrived in New York after 9 month from when she took off from Germany. crowd of people welcomed the crew everywhere she landed.

the Otaki's Kit was surprisingly great considering kit's age. it's even big in 1/144 scale but every parts fits nice. in my picture you can see the gap between main wing's upper and bottom side assembly but it was just my fault not kit's problem. I could fix it with putty due to corrugative plate details.
Water base it even more simple compare to my last Catalina's base. this time was just single layer of gel medium on carved extruded polystyrene panel.
Well, figures are preiser's 1/144 crew and passengers in the main scene, and all others are 1/150 one for architectural model witch is not in sharp quality. At the main scene, the woman and the crews are just nobody in historical people. I just improvised with limited preiser's figure.
Oh, the background! I almost forgot it. that's just a print on transparent film. that's my another improvisation and it's easy to make and makes nice effect.

Actually whole build is not quite sharp neither well finished. I was so enjoyed during this build and I suddenly thought that I don't want to be too stressed by this build. that's my excuse.

Holly.. this was the longest writing in English I've made after my graduation I think 😉
it's still difficult to express complex thing but I feel much softer now with this language. another appreciate for I modelers..!

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21 responses

  1. Wow, this is so good.

  2. Hello Choi,
    My compliments.Interesting subject and well executed
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands..

  3. Very nicely presented, my friend...good work all around. I like it. 🙂

  4. Very impressive !

  5. Very nice. I always thought that the Dornier X was a fascinating flying boat, great subject.

  6. What a scale! V cool.

  7. Excellent project! I enjoyed the historical photos you included as well. Nicely done!

  8. Brilliant, again!

  9. Nice! To travel on a flying boat must have been amazing.

    • I think so! here's some interesting story, sometimes on this do X, all passengers were moved to left, or right side to help aircraft makes big turn..! what a fun travel

  10. Excellent work as usual !

  11. Nicely done Hongseob, unusual subject as well, I like it.

  12. Hongseob, your English language is just fine. I assure you that it is MUCH better than my Korean!

    Once again, you have made an outstanding diorama. This is SUCH a great airplane and something I've NEVER seen before, except the photos of the real aircraft.

    Well done, Hongseob CHOI!

  13. Nicely presented modeling Hongseob, looks good, well done.

  14. Nicely done, I like it!

  15. Great original idea for a diorama!
    It has a tragic undertone though. Four years later the nazis came into power and ten years later all hell broke loose.
    A short interval of peace and friendly exchange between two terrible wars.
    Great job and thanks for posting.

  16. This diorama is full of movement and the model of the Do-X is finished with a realistic weathering - the final effect is fantastic!

    Additional value to your work is given by the fact that the diorama tells a true story, since you based your work on photos of the historical event.

    I have some doubts about the German flag: it is true that in 1931 the German official "republican" flag was the same used today but it was rarely used. In that times many Germans preferred to exhibit their "imperial" (black- white-red) flag (which was going to be reintroduced soon after) and it is this flag that most probably appears in the last of the attached historical photos. Of course this is not a criticism on your work, only a thought on historical facts.

    • Yeah..! you're totally right, I just checked the historical photo of this dornier do x with two flag which I used for reference, and I realized that this german flag should be black-white-red. the photo is in black and white but it can be notice by order of tones.
      When I made this diorama I never thought of this problem. I searched german flag on web and this one with eagle symbol looked nicer for my taste. that was all 🙂
      It's an interesting issue. Thank for notice it

  17. Thanks for all comment folks! sorry for late, I was been busy in holyday season..
    Happy new year and happy modelling

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