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North American FJ Fury

Hobby Boss 1/48 FJ-4B Fury

This is my build of the Hobby Boss North American FJ-4B Fury in 1/48 scale. I started this kit earlier this year prior to knowing about the “Sabre and FJ Fury” group build here in IModeler. Therefore, I initially started a build thread [...]

Forest Hunter Jagdtiger Ostfront Dragon 1/35

Just a try to hide it in an eastern forest...hope you like it... Overview: Details: Tks for visiting!

Thank goodness I managed to get my FJ-3

Kitty Hawk/Panda have announced they are shutting down. One of the principals posts at Large Scale Planes and state "we are selling the kits on-hand, there are no new molds." You can bet the price of the FJ-3 has just gone up, so [...]

What-If Build: North American FJ-1 (P-51)Revell 1/48

Or would it have been an FJ-0, and by what name... "Seahorse"? "Fury"? 🙂 This one was purely for fun, just wanted to share. I did this one up some time ago.. not really good by any means, nor was it ever meant to be. [...]

Just arrived on my porch: Kitty Hawk 1/48 FJ-2 Fury

Big announcement: Kitty Hawk is no longer S-h-itty Hawk here at Le Chateau du Chat. I took the plunge last week and picked up a new FJ-2 kit ($50 included delivery from Shenzen China), since the computer views I had seen looked better than [...]

FUJI T-1A and Sabreish aircraft,1/72

Here are some simple builds from a simple modeler . I built these intending to show aircraft with Sabre like lines.First off is Hasegawa's Fuji T-1A JSDAF trainer, Japan's first aircraft built after WW 2, I can't tell you how long this [...]

Hobby Boss FJ-4B

I just finished this VU-7 Fury. I have always loved this scheme, but had never tried it until I picked up the Aeromaster decals and the Hobby Boss kit. A little bit of work, but the kit was easy compared to the planning and masking for the [...]

Hobby Boss 1/48th Scale North American FJ-4 Fury

While I’m usually a “propeller” guy, I enjoy building early jet subjects from time to time for a change of pace. The FJ-4 was North American’s "Navalized" version of their famous F-86 Sabre. The kit was built for a good [...]