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Endure freedom

"Endure freedom" title derives from the imaginative names of US military intervention such as "Iraqi Freedom" or "Enduring Freedom". Miniarts T-55 with scratchbuilt interior. Dioparks Mercedes. Figures both resin and plastic. Bridge is scratch[...]


Time for my first post in 2019. For the past two years I think I got skill and tools to make step forward and try to make something BIG. I imagined extraction of special forces in 80x40cm Afghan/Iraq scenery. In this part I'll be putting pics o[...]

04/04/04 The siege of Sadr City

The siege began on 4 April 2004 – later dubbed "Black Sunday"– with an uprising against the Coalition Provisional Authority following the government banning of a newspaper published by Muqtada Al-Sadr's Sadrist Movement. On April 4, militiamen a[...]

Desert Hummer

1/48, Tamiya Hummer, ACE zu-23, Black Dog resin + wheels