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Karaya is a short-run scale kit and accessory manufacturer based in Krakow, Poland.

Karaya DH-5 1:48

It has been ages but I thought I would post another one of my older builds. This kit is entirely made of resin with some photoetch and it is superbly cast and went together really well. Karaya did a great job with the interplane struts [...]

War Above the Trenches: Friedrichshafen FF33e

The Friedrichshafen FF33 was a German single-engine, two-seater reconnaissance biplane with twin floats. It was designed by Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen in 1914 for the Marine-Fliegerabteilung aviation forces of the Kaiserliche Marine. The [...]

Karaya 1/48 Ansaldo A.1 Balilla – VVS RKKA, 1924

Hello! I represent a fresh model, still the paint has not dried up)) - Ansaldo Balilla from Karaya. The model is not bad, but it's going to be a little more complicated than, for example, their Martinside. Mainly because of the braces. The [...]

War Above the Trenches: Ansaldo A.1 Balilla

The Ansaldo A.1, nicknamed "Balilla", after the Genoan folk-hero, was Italy's only fighter aircraft to be both domestically designed and produced during the First World War. The A.1 resulted from continued efforts by the Ansaldo [...]

Ansaldo A.1 Ballila – Progress 2

A bit further along now. If you're wondering why these Progress reports aren't set up in WiP, there are only around 50 parts to this resin kit, and so I thought it unlikely to merit a full-blown WiP thread. This present post is in fact the [...]

Ansaldo A.1 Ballila - Progress

Another 1/48 resin kit from Karaya. It's the little Italian scout A.1 Ballila, which was developed from the ruins of Ansaldo's SVA project. I'll add a little more detail in a later post, but thought I'd show a few sections now. You'd be [...]

War Above the Trenches: DFW C.V (Early)

The DFW C.V two-seater reconnaissance aircraft has been referred to by historians as one of the truly great aircraft of the First World War. Developed in the early months of 1916 from earlier types, the first C.V production examples [...]

DFW C.V Progress 2

A little more work, prior to setting turnbuckle anchors. As you can see in the main photo, they're pretty small. I mentioned previously that I was trying out the AK Interactive set of three CDL paints. I sprayed the undersides of the [...]

DFW C.V Progress

Progress on Karaya's diminutive resin model of the DFW C.V- 1/48 (quarter scale) is pretty small for Great War subjects, although the two-crew versions make for a nice-size model. The cover image shows the resin wheels with the lovely P.E. [...]

Zvezda La-5FN 1/48

Dear all, I would like to present one of my works recently. Even the finish was not up to my expectations due to the color is a little bit off, the chipping is incorrect at some panel but overall I'm happy with it. The kit is the La-5 from [...]