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Got one more in at the last minute!

December 31, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 17 · 1.2K

So I got TWO done this year. F-14A. Victory 210 USS Nimitz 1986-87. One of the fist Tomcats I ever saw. I didn't want to build AJ 200 as everyone builds that one, so I got my Cruise book out and found one that I had decals for AND at the time of the photographs did not carry names on the canopy rails. I stumbled across the BuNo and I was set! Weapons are from the wonderful modern weapons set. I threw a ton of aftermarket at this jet including landing gear, exhausts and seats. One of the harder things was the greenish tint on the front windscreen. Furball decals does a green panel for cats, but it was way too green. The greenish tint comes from the fact it is layered ballistic glass, not that it is actually green. I used future tinted with blue and green food color brushed on. It's subtle, but works, especially in person!

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  1. That’s a great looking Tomcat! Just about my favorite jet, nicely done!

  2. Excellent work… I’ve never seen one painted quite like that.

    • It's the "modified" TPS scheme. VF-84 carried it for couple of years, and I am not sure if any other F-14 units used it. Not sure when it started, but when I joined CAG-8 on Nimitz in '87 all the 84 birds had it. Later on Theodore Roosevelt in '88 seems as if they were phasing it out. Not sure if it was still in use by Desert Storm, I had transferred out of VAW 124 by then. One thing I noted when I was aboard, is some of the jets had a distinctly blue hue to the scheme, others were in more slate grays. This is why I pay little attention to FS colors and go by what I see and mix paint to match. Also most were not heavily weathered like you see so often when folks model TPS schemes, a couple were, but most were pretty clean with just a few touch ups.

  3. Amazing job, Rob!
    A very interesting scheme!

  4. I like the the additions you made to the Tamiya kit, Rob, and the colour scheme looks great. I see that you posted it in “unCATegorisec” and not in Aviation, was that an intended pun?

  5. Very nice Rob - it's the quality, not the quantity that counts.

    Thanks f or the tinting tip.

  6. Great Tomcat, Rob @robertandy
    Excellent job done.

  7. Beautiful Turkey. The tinted glass is really hard to pull off. I keep trying though.

    • Thanks, the tinting took me about 3 tries to get right. The key I found was to "flood" the area using the frames as a dam to hold it in place, then tilt the jet with a support so the glass panel is parallel to the work surface while it dries so it doesn't pool at the bottom of the frame.

  8. Excellent work Rob. I built a AJ 200 just because I like the Jolly Rogers look but never posted it as there are so many out there. This one is rare & well done.

  9. That is definitely a quality build, Rob! I really like the unique scheme, and the personal connection in neat as well. The nozzle painting and the detailed ordinance really stands out in my book. Cheers!

  10. Terrific looking Tomcat! @robertandy.

  11. Oh yeah - I really like that scheme for a 'Cat! I'd also never seen that, and may have to add that to the todo list. Great looking build.

  12. Awesome Tomcat, well done Rob! Excellent canopy work and exhaust - what after-market product did you use for the exhaust? Looks like you put a lot of effort into the cockpit too, nice restraining straps on the ejection seats.

    • I used Eduard Brassin for the exhausts and seats. Quinta Studios 3D decals for the seatbelts and interior details, if you haven't used them they are amazing, they leave photo etch in the dust and are less expensive!

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