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VK 72.01(K) Paper Panzer (1/72)

Armory's VK 72.01(K) Another paper tank/ what- if project of mine. As far as I have learned, only a scale wood model was made by Krupp and no documents may have survived. Design from 1942 for a 72 ton class vehicle. ...however, I have to [...]

Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G, January 1945 (1/72)

Panther Ausf.G form Vespid Models (VS720008) A kit that can only be recommended. Fine and sharp details and the accuracy of fit is on the whole quite good. Only the rollers and the swing arms had slight tolerances during assembly. But the [...]

Flak 38 1/35 Tamiya

Ciao ragazzi, here the last diorama for 2022 ! The idea, as usual, arrive from my son and we developed the idea. The Flak is the old kit from Tamiya; trolley and Flak crew are from Dragon. The project started in summer and finally we did [...]

“Big Fish” – Rotterdam Oude Haven, 1952

Here's an aircraft diorama I worked on for about three months (250+ hours). The overall size makes it difficult to photograph, so apart from a few overviews at middle distance I've included several shots of local areas in the scene. [...]