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1/48 SAAF Impala MK II

Here's my build of the ESCI 1/48 Aermacchi MB-326K Impala in early SAAF colors. Really nice kit with fine recessed panel lines and a good fit. The only after market added is the Neomega resin cockpit and Wolfpack MB MK6 ejection seat as [...]

1/48 SAAF Hawker Hurricane

This Hasegawa kit was a gift to me from my friend , Morné @mornem. He shipped it to me here in Oklahoma from South Africa…. so this is really a South African Hurricane ! I used my airbrush, Tamiya paints, and AML paint masks to paint [...]

1/48 AMT/ERTL Boston III (early)Desert Air War Group Build

The DB-7B/Boston Mk III was the exported British version of the Douglas A-20C mid-1941. So many Bostons were modified and assembled on British airfields and elsewhere that it can be difficult to pinpoint the actual airframe model just by [...]

Target for TonightWarsaw! (B-24 Liberator)

(link) This is history about veteran of 31 squadron. Gentlemen! Target for tonight is Warsaw. Said the impeccably dressed Wing Commander revealing a large map hanging on the wall. A black line zigzagged across half of Central and Eastern [...]

1/72 SAAF Spitfire Vc

I saw this Airfix kit at the hobby shop and noticed it had South African Airforce markings, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. This is the first time I've used an airbrush, the first model I've weathered with oils and my first 1/72 [...]

1/72 SAAF Harvard / T-6 Texan

The South African Air Force operated over 1250 Harvard's from 1942 to 1995. SAAF received their first Harvard's in October 1942. By July 1944, 633 Harvard Mk IIA's and III's had been shipped to South Africa with another 555 (379 MkIIA's [...]

1/48 SAAF Spitfire MkIX

Hi all! First post after lurking for a while. The South African Airforce has a wonderful history with the Supermarine Spitfire. First flying them in WW2. The Spitfire also produced one of the great South African aces in Adolf 'Sailor' [...]

Under new Management...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109F-4/trop, 1 Sqn SAAF

Built in 2019. Hasegawa kit with Rising Decals, Eduard seatbelts, plastic rods and lead wire for the brake lines, legs shortened about 2mm. This aircraft had additional cowl scoops like a G-2, so took some from the sparesbox. AK Real Color [...]

ESCI Mirage F1AZ 1:48

This is my second contribution, and it ties in with my first ; it’s the Mirage F1 AZ in 1:48 of the South Africa Air Force (SAAF) during the early eighties. This a/c was crucial in lending tactical air-ground support to the various SADF [...]

1:24 scratch built South African Air Force Dassault Mirage F1 AZ No 217 – Part 1

This build was started 3 years ago as an experiment for me as I had built a number of civil aircraft in 1:24 scale and decided the time had come to stretch my scratch building knowledge by building a military fighter and what a journey it [...]