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1/48 US Navy SNJ-3 (Revell 1/48 AT-6G): Jim Sullivan Memorial Group

I wanted to do one more model for the Sullivan Memorial Group, and a photo in Golden Wings of a US Navy SNJ-3 caught my eye. It was a very weathered SNJ-3 photographed at NAS Moffett Field in 1944. The camouflage seemed to be a cross [...]

Flushing Airport, Vanished aviation history

Flushing airport, located in the borough of Queens NY. was a small private airport, open from1929 to1984. Its ultimate end was caused by several factors, including its proximity to LaGuardia Airport and a local highway, where at least one [...]

1/48 Monogram SNJ-6

First completed build of 2023 is a 1/48 Monogram SNJ-6 Navy trainer. 1950's markings from NAS Memphis. Overall the kit went together well and was fun to build. I built the kit out of the box with Caracal decals which were excellent. [...]

1/48 SNJ-5c

This is the old but still the best, Monogram kit. The last time I built one of these was when it came out in 1979. This one was made from a 2008 Revell release, made in China. Since Revell’s bankruptcy, I’ve noticed that a lot of [...]

WWII Navy flight trainers

I'm nearing the end of my Navy dive bomber collecting spree, having just received a Vac Wings BT-1 in the mail, so I turned my attention to Navy trainers for a bit before starting that project. I was pleased to find the following kits [...]

“Let me at ’em”

Hi All, This vignette, “Let me at-em”, I completed about two years ago, portrays an excited trainee and an old-hand instructor just back from a training flight. The build includes the 1/32, Kitty Hawk, T-6 Texan kit, using the SNJ [...]

"Bare-Metal Foil" 1/32 Kitty hawk SNJ/Texan Project: A 1st Attempt

I am a private pilot an a huge WW2 Naval Aviation Buff. Much of this is due to my Dad being a Navy Aviation Crewman during the war. He spent a lot of time in the Navy Aviation Training Command logging a lot of hours in the back seat of [...]

SNJ, T-6, Harvard, an old friend.

My association with this type began when as a kid when I lived close to Flushing airport in Queens N.Y. A small private airport at that time[ 1960's and '70's] the skytyping team, flying SNJ-2's operated out of there. They were painted [...]