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Star Wars modeling

Bandai 1/72 X-Wing

Decided to build another Bandai Star Wars kit since I had so much fun on the last one I did. These go together really easily with no fuss which makes it a low stress build allowing me to focus most of my attention on painting and [...]

Star Destroyer from Bandai

I was also done with the Star Destroyer. Bandai, 1: 14500 scale. It had to be sealed here and there, unlike Death Star II. The real challenge is painting, these ships are usually brilliant whites in the movies (except for the Jedi [...]

Death Star II - Bandai

It only took a few days of construction and painting to have a cheeky little table decoration. Bandai boxed the Death Star II with a Star Destroyer, originally I wanted to build the warship, but the superweapon got me. It can be put [...]

Bandai 1/48 AT-ST

I been away from the hobby for a bit and got the itch to build something again... I usually do 1/48 WWII aircraft so this was a bit of a change for me. The assembly of the kit was amazing everything snapped together like legos no glue was [...]

Review: Revell 1/88 Bobba Fett Starship review

Revel 1/72 Razor Crest

After making the lovely little Bandai Razor Crest, I couldn’t wait to get the larger Revell kit. It arrived just after Christmas and I was going to start it once I’d finished the old Airfix Concorde, but got impatient and started [...]

Video: Star Wars AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian | Bandai 1/48

15 - Revell1/112 X-Wing Fighter

I was given this little Star Wars kit and decided to do it as a fun build, which it really was. I decided to try my own scheme and give it a bare metal finish, I wanted to have different metal tones so ended up masking and mixing different [...]

1/48 ERTL Star Wars Corporate Alliance Droid

1/48 ERTL Star Wars Corporate Alliance Droid I had fun just creating my own motif. Taking risks and barely testing. Not planning carefully or having a final vision target was very liberating.

10 - AMT - Anakin's Podracer

What an incredibly fun kit to build, from the subject to the fit and finish I had a ton of fun. The details are great and the figure was amazing to paint, a few gaps here and there on the pod but nothing that was too tough to fix up. The [...]