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Light Tank M3 Stuart

M3A1 Stuart "Honey", 7th Armored Division, Libia, 1941

This is the 1/35 Academy M3A1 Stuart "Honey" in the correct 'Caunter' scheme (not the incorrect 'blue' scheme that Academy showed). Custom mixed Tamiya acrylics using Mike Starmer's formulas, RAC insignia painted, kit unit [...]

Airfix 1:35 M3 Stuart 'Honey'

First build completed in 2021. Off to a good start. This is a rebox of the Academy M3 with different markings and camo scheme. The quality is decent but definitely not comparable to current Tamiya, Meng or Takom standards. The [...]

Lend Lease Red Army M3A1 Stuart Light Tank Academy 1/35

Very nice kit,here in Soviet Army markings.Tks for looking!

Video: Stuart M5A1 Mirage Hobby 1/72

Tutorial - Resin Casting - (link) Instagram page: (link) Patreon: (link) Facebook page: (link) My web: (link) Photo Documentation: (link)... David Damek Sponsors: Model Emporium - Resin Figure (link) 10 percent discount - PLASMO10 Colors [...]

M3A1 Stuart "Tiger" Tunis,1943Academy 1/35

Simple and fast building OOB,some missing marks per request of the owner..hope you like it...

1/35 Skink ( Tamiya Stuart)

This was a fun one. Had a Quad .50 leftover from an AFV Club M35 Gun Truck kit, so I did this one. Would have interesting to see this on the battlefield. Brian Riedel

Tamiya M3 Stuart, North Africa

Hi all, Here is my rendition of Tamiya's M3 Stuart (late). I built it out of the box, with the addition of some Value Gear stowage and used the kit markings for an American tank in North Africa. The real tank was knocked out in the first [...]

M3A3 French Army

My first armour post on I-Modeller; the 1:72 M3A3 Stuart from S-Model, using Braille-Scale decals for a vehicle from the French army that landed in Southern France in August 1944. The S-Model kit is actually a quick-build kit, albeit a [...]

M3 Stuart “Honey” & Matilda III (Infantry Tank Mark IIА *) Kaunter scheme

Good afternoon, dear colleagues! I present the just completed double of two models of tanks of the British Empire in service in North Africa. I really wanted to implement different versions of the Kaunter scheme, and therefore the idea was [...]

Making a base for the Tamiya M3 Stuart.

I decided to make a simple base for my M3 Stuart quick build. I didn't want just a wooden plinth for the tank to sit in, I wanted to add a bit of landscape too. Since I'm building mine as an American tank in Tunisia, deciding on a piece of [...]