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Year In Review 2022

This wasn't one of my more productive years in terms of total output, which means I need to add a couple of years to my life expectancy if I'm going to complete my stash before I move on to a better world! I would have to mostly blame [...]

ICM 1/72 Tupolev Tu-2T

I built this kit for a review article for IPMS USA, so can only post a few photos. To see more, and read the build review (tough kit to put together!), visit the review article: (link) As much of a slog as it was (slowed me down for [...]

1/48 Xuntong Tu-2T

Xuntong's first effort is my rendition of a Soviet Pacific Fleet member from 1946. Too late for the second World War, it served in several eastern bloc air forces in a number of roles. While mostly a pleasure to build, it did suffer from [...]