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Bill Bosworth’s amazing 1/32 scratchbuilt D3A-1 “Val”

September 27, 2015 in Aviation

Here’s the most recent masterpiece from Bill Bosworth. A 1/32 scratchbuilt D3A-1 Val dive bomber. Done as one of the Vals that was shot down at Pearl Harbor.

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3 responses to Bill Bosworth’s amazing 1/32 scratchbuilt D3A-1 “Val”

  1. Lots of work went into this (stating the obvious, of course). Very nice bit of scratchbuilding. I’m too lazy for that much effort! I don’t mind having to add a few things onto a kit, but to start out from “nothing” would just take too much coffee!

  2. I think THIS is the right forums to let us know more about BillĀ“s stunning works as there are : DC-3, SM 79, Super Constellation and and and……

  3. Doesn’t “Bos” understand that this kind of thing cannot be done?

    Awesome work, Bill.

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