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Tamiya P-51K/Mustang IV

Tamiya P-51D turned into a P-51K using the Aeroproducts prop blades for the Eduard P-39Q (4-blad) prop and Red Roo decals with Falcon "Dallas" canopy. 3 Squadron RAAF in Italy, Spring 1945. Most RAF Mustang IVs came from the P-51K production, bu[...]

Tamiya P-51Ds of the 357th FG

Here's Old Crow in the later scheme after the camouflage paint was removed. Also John B. England's "Missouri Armada" (with individual ID letter wrong - never trust decal instructions!) and Calrence Weaver's well-known "Passion Wagon." Again, Tr[...]

Tamiya P-51Ds of the 354th Fighter Group

These were done around 2002-03. True Details cockpits and Falcon canopies. "Eagle" Glenn Eagleston was one of the original pilots in the "Pioneer Mustang" 354th Fighter Group and the group's top-scoring ace. "Eagle" with its beautiful strikin[...]

Tamiya P-51Ds of the 361st Fighter Group

Two P-51Ds done around 15 years ago. "Lou IV," flown by group commander Thomas Christian, and "E2-S" flown by Urban Drew. Both kits done with the True Details resin cockpit and Falcon vacuform canopies. "E2-S" has (if you look carefully at the [...]

Tom Hudner died today In 1969, then-Captain Hudner was ordered by Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, to go to bases where race riots had occurred, t[...]

Preview: Airfix 1/48 P-51D

Kit arrived Friday, took five careful hours to assemble without filler. Done OOB other than used Tamiya decals from the "8th AF Aces" release to do Bud Anderson's "Old Crow" ID stripes, invasion stripes, personal markings). They fit the kit like[...]

Getting Skyraiders right

One of the big problems for modelers building A-1 Skyraiders is that most of the time the model is under-weathered. A friend of mine who flew Skyraiders in Vietnam once told me that the major problem he had with most of the Skyraider models he s[...]

Monogram F9F-5 and F9F-5P Panthers

Monogram's Panther first appeared in 1990, the first 1/48 F9F in close to 35-40 years past the Aurora and Hawk kits. At the time, it was the best and most accurate kit of the Panther, and it is still the most accurate (and in my mind, the best) [...]

Tommy McGuire’s last “Pudgy”

The Trumpeter P-38L done OOB with seatbelts, and Eagle Cals decals. (Last of thre P-38s for now, though there are two 1/48 kits in the stash) On Jan. 7, 1945, Tommy McGuire led a flight of four planes on an early morning fighter sweep over the [...]

Tom McGuire’s P-38H

Trumpeter P-38 with Jerry Rutman's early P-38 conversion set. Had a friend up-size 1/48 personal markings to 1/32 for this. Hard to believe I did this 13 years ago, but there you go... Thomas Buchanan "Tommy" McGuire, Jr., was born on 1 August [...]