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B-26K Counter Invader

May 13, 2013 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.7K

Hello everyone this is my first posting on this site, I will start with my favorite build up to this point. Monograms B-26C kit converted to the B-26K Counter using the Paragon set in 48th scale. Started in 1998 and completed around mid 2000. Built before digi cams were in vogue, so my trusty Canon AE-1 was used for the images. This project was my first attempt on a major upgrade that involved cutting up the airframe and adding the resin replacement parts. In this case the glass nose was removed and the gun nose added, the rudder cut off and replaced. The upper gun turret removed and a blanking plate inserted in the hole. That by far was the hardest part to do. The set also included the co-pilots seat and yoke which is correct for this variant, Wing tip drop tanks, cowlings and upper intake replacements. Prop blades, the vortex blades on the RH side of the tail. Various antennas, Also supplied were the ordnance pylons under the wings. The only item really to make this more accurate were the correct main wheels. At the time of this project I was not aware that the wheels were not correct in the kit. Paragon did not supply this item. And really there was nothing available at the time to correct this. It wasn't till Cutting Edge came out with their "K" set that the wheels were available. The decals were from Aeromaster which offered 2 sets of 4 different aircraft on each set. All SEA schemes,
All in all this came out quite well in the end. Though the kit does have it's dimensional problems which really I can't see unless someone points it out. Really I don't care if it is off or inaccurate in shape, whatever, it looks like an Invader to me, when sitting next to a Mitchell, Marauder or Havoc. Well I hop y'all enjoyed this 1st time view. Take care and God Bless.

Fly Navy

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  1. Hello Chuck, let me be the first to welcome you to the site.Nice job on the B26.

  2. Chuck... Welcome aboard. Nice Invader as well. It's nice to hear the names of Paragon, Cutting Edge and Aeromaster again... all great producers of aftermarket products and missed by modelers today. I had all that stuff to do that plane but never got around to it much to my regret. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good to have another active poster.
    Well done on the Invader. Look forward to many more posts.

  4. Nice build-up, Chuck...came out well. I know whatcha mean about removing turrets...I recently did that on my Ventura as well as all other armament. Check out "The Admiral's Hack" among my submissions. Hope to see many more posts from you as time goes by.

  5. 1st thanks to everyone for the kind words. Starting with Neil. Jack yes I still have some of these AM stuff with other kits in the stash. Do you till have the B-26K set? Al, thank you. and Craig yes, using this kit was much easier to modify. The gun nose version which also had a lower rear turret that would've had to be blanked off as well and much harder to do. I will check your Ventura, I have this kit as well.
    Fly Navy

    • No Chuck, both the kit and the AM stuff is long gone to another modeler whom probably still has it waiting to be built as well. I do still have the Pargon OV-10D set though.

  6. beautiful build

  7. Very nice work! Welcome to the club.

  8. nice job chuck welcome looking forward to seeing more posts

  9. Beautiful Invader Chuck! I have the same kit, and plan on converting my A-26 to a Navy JD-1 utility/target tug aircraft.

  10. Thanks everyone for the comments and the welcome mat. Unfortunately my B-26 had a mishap at the hands of another. Broken beyond repair, however I saved all the bits to rebuild it again some day. I also still have the set of decals. This time with better and updated research I will build a more accurate Counter Invader. With the current kit available. Again I dont care about the dimensions are off. It's hobby and thats the fun of it. There is no perfect kit of any aircraft, some are pretty darn close.

    Fly Navy

  11. Outstanding job on one of my favorite planes.

  12. Out standing Counter Invader, Chuck!

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