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Tamiya 1/32 scale Mustang

June 16, 2015 · in Aviation · · 27 · 2.9K

I built this kit about 8 Months ago, it was the first time I used Alclad paints with varnishes, I used an aftermarket pilot figure that I purchased from Eagle Editions. I did not have to add any detail kits or do any scratch building with this amazing kit from , all I had to do was try and do a good paint job and add seat harnesses from lead sheet and PE buckles . I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the build. Marc.

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  1. Very nice weathering, good attention to painting the detail parts. Fine job!

  2. Nice work, Marc...very nice indeed.

  3. Interesting build, Marc. As it happens, I came across another build yesterday that used this same pilot figure with this same aircraft, so this must be a popular subject combination.

    You mentioned that you used Alclad. On the Mustang it's often the case that we see polished aluminium finishes. I was wondering which Alclad product you chose for the project, as you seem to have produced a more dulled-down appearance.

    These are great-looking kits, and yours is certainly representative of the type, and a big thumbs-up for getting that beautiful engine bay on show!

    • Hi Rob, I used two types of Alclad, Airframe Aluminium and Semi Matt Aluminium with a gloss coat to add decals and a final coat of satin gloss to dull it down a bit, From the colour reference pictures I have on Mustangs in the ETO they were not as polished and clean as we would like to believe, the ground crew spent a lot of time just keeping the aircraft airworthy especially in the later stages of the war when they intensified the bomber offensive, operating from PSP strips through Europe. I wanted the Mustang to look like its been worked hard and not factory fresh, well that's the way I see it anyway, thanks for the great comment.

      • One of the first 1/32 kits I ever built, years ago now, was the old Dragon P-51D, a kit not well regarded now, but a good introduction to the scale and the type. I seem to recall that I too had a dulled-down scheme, but I also remember I was trying for something entirely different to the finish I ended up with!

  4. Beautiful Mustang Marc! Really love the way you weathered the NMF (all of it's nice, but I don't see that type of weathering on the NMF much).

  5. Hey Greg, I had a lot of coloured reference pics, and a lot of Mustangs weren't as polished as I thought. Thanks for a great comment though.

  6. said on June 16, 2015

    Fantastic Mustang! This is probably the best Mustang kit by far. You have inspired me to do John Meyer's blue nosed P-51. Albeit, Dragon's less than ideal 1/32 will have to suffice. Great job on the build and overall finish which is spot on!

    • Hi Morne, the Dragon kit is quite good, remember the old days when we had no aftermarket kits to liven up the model, we had to scratch build, those were the days. Thanks for you kind comment though, keep in touch when you build that Dragon of a kit. Cheers.

  7. Marc, nice work, most convincing, love the figure!

    • Thanks Bernard, I don't know if Eagle Editions manufacture the figure any more, but I do recall that is was expensive, for a South African that is. Thanks for your welcome comment.

  8. I think your excellent finish and weathering, together with the figure, really show off this kit at its best.

    • Hi George, thanks for you kind comment, I am working on a L 29 Akrobat from HPH in 1/32. This kit is so out of proportion, I have had to cut it to pieces just to get the alignment right. Makes me wish that Tamiya would manufacture one. Thanks again.

  9. Greetings :
    Great work on that MUSTANG. You have done a very great work on the weathering, it is not to heavy and not over done.
    Sure would love too see this one on a diorama.

  10. Sure looks sweet Marc.
    Subtlety weathered.
    Well done mate.

  11. An outstanding build for certain. I like what you did with the natural metal. I always thought the polished look was way too unrealistic for a combat aircraft. It is very nice to see that the engine covers fit so precisely. I though i would have to buy two of these kits so that I could display one with the engine exposed and one with the covers on. Looks like I can get away with just the one.;

  12. Hey Seamus, Thanks for the great comment, you only have to buy the one kit, the engineering on this kit is so good that the covers are attached with small magnets and are held in place, without any fit problems. This kit is really well made, so just buy the one. I would like to build one from the Korean war in South African Air Force markings, maybe in the near future.

  13. Splendid Mustang, love the great love to the details and the weathering looks really convincing

  14. Hey Bernd, thanks for the great comment, Thank you.

  15. Thanks again Bernd, its not too difficult using Alclad, your preparation of the surfaces needs to be good, when you spray on the Alclad it will pick up any surface defects quite easily, before I apply the Alclad I first paint the whole model with Tamiya gloss black, this makes the Alclad stand out much better. Give it a try, it makes the finish quite realistic. Thanks again.

  16. Well done Marc. I remeber how you felt about Alclad many moons ago. I'm so glad you finally got the hang of it. Brilliant build.

  17. Dankie My Chom. when are you posting again?

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