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2016 Ambition-In with the New Finish the Old!

As the new year begins today, I want to be a little ambitious and start some new projects, complete older ones that have been on the back burner too long. 2015 I was able to whittle some of those older projects and finally complete them. I want to continue that trend into the new year. New projects that I started in 2015 I will complete them as the year ran out and it was too cold to work on them. Starting with the 72nd scale B-26B, starting late in the year, 's excellent F-101B original boxing bought way back when it first was released in 1991. Next 's 1/48 F-16C. Now older projects, some that are over 10 years old. 's B.III Dambuster, P-3C Orion, Revell , Hasegawa SH-60B. Other projects are those that need to be repaired due to damage during the move about 3 years ago. Was able to finally get some of those repaired last year, some were just sent to depot at Davis-Monthan AFB(just kidding). New projects, Tamiya Kawanishi N1K1 Shiden,61038, Tamiya Focke Wulf Fw-190F-8,61039, Tamiya Focke Wulf Fw-190D-9,61041, Mig-23ML, Revell Panavia Gr.1 all in 48th scale. Finally a long term project I think it is time to start is building the HH-60H project, this is one that will take time as it requires extensive modifications to correct it. Using the Skunkmodels kit and Cobra set to get started. This will be a model of the actual Firehawk we flew in during Desert Storm back in 1991 with HCS-5. So it will be at least a 2 year project. The kit shows a later upgraded version, my build will be as it appeared in 1991 without the latest upgrades. Along the way things may change as there are some armor project as well that are ongoing. And may even start a new one. Rather ambitious on my part, as the work will be done on the weekends. There are only 52 weekends. So let see how it goes.

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  1. looks as though you only have allotted a month or so for each build. I wish you luck and steady hands.

  2. Whoah! I knew there was reason I didn't keep a stash...

    • It's time to start building them, and not look what I have in the stash. New year, a year older, you know I would love to build them all before father time starts to limit my abilities.

      • I decided at one point a few years ago that my motto would be, "I buy to build, not to stash," the result of which was that at a certain point I found that I had to build through the kits I still had to hand, and didn't buy any new kits until the backlog was cleared. It took a year, but I felt I had a better 'handle' on where I wanted to be. A further effect of the exercise was that I got away from just building kits for the sake of it and allowed myself to develop longer term, more complex projects, which served to challenge my skill sets in a number of areas.

        • I went into a kit buying splurge at the turn of the century, the kids were grown, more time for me. At a time that I started to get back into it. Once I got to a certain amount. 48th and 72nd scale mostly with a few choices in 32nd scale, (Navy stuff mostly in this scale), I then saw what i had and then started to take each one and plan ahead in what variant I wanted to build, nation and what era ie, WWII, post war, Vietnam, etc. And now mostly I am looking for decal and any AM sets for what I have. As the years roll by, time becomes a luxury.

  3. I really like your choice of kits. It seems I keep buying the new kits when they come out, but when I select a kit to build, I seem to be drawn back to my older "nostalgia" kits. Currently building the old Monogram 1/48th Typhoon, with the Revell 1/32 Beaufighter up next. Cheers.

  4. Some nice kits there, Chuck, it will be interesting to see how you get on in 12 months time.

  5. Thanks George, will see how the year plays out God willing. Happy New Year

  6. Chuck, Good luck getting through those builds!

  7. Thanks Erich, it will be a challenge, but one to look forward to. Happy New Year.

  8. All nice kits that needs to be build, happy modelling 🙂

  9. Actually took advantage of a long weekend and got started.

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