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1/48 Monogram TBD-1 Devastator

April 30, 2017 · in Aviation · · 18 Comments

First, this is not a Midway Group build model. It is however one of the first Navy kits I wanted to build back in 2010 when I re-started my interest in this hobby. Build mostly straight out of the box, but did add some PE belts, some detail to the torpedo hanger and the rear gunners ring. At the time I had little shelf space so I positioned her wings as going up. I do remember the upper and lower wing attachment giving me fits but I got her done. The last pic is simply for a size comparison between the and a .

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18 responses

  1. To me it looks like a Torpedo 8 plane from when they were at Norfolk. It would have been on the USS Hornet then, prior to the Midway battle. It looks good, especially sitting next to your Wildcat. I like it !

  2. Oh yes, more Monogram goodness. She looks great Tom! Good work indeed. 🙂

  3. I'm with Louis, before the Coral Sea battle. Interesting combination of small fuselage and huge wing insignia, with the tail stripes.

  4. Found the instruction sheet and like a nerd I keep all instruction sheets from my builds. And yes indeed Louis, it represents a TBD from VT-8 on the USS Hornet. You should win some major award for that information since it's coming from a former Army tanker. I'll come up with something.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. That's one of my favorite kits. I've built three of them. 1976-77ish, 1985, 2010. And still gave a couple in the stash.

  6. Both are great builds, nice deck too. I've got most of my builds instruction sheets, even if I don't have the builds..

  7. Wow! Beautiful, Tom! I sure like the early paint that includes the lovely tail stripes. I especially like the wings in the "elevating" (or whatever the official term was/is!) position. It's interesting!

    As to Louis' award, if the leg lamp can't be found, perhaps a Baby's Arm Holding An Apple would be a nice award.

    He he he!

  8. Hello Tom,
    Monogram always good. Just like this model.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  9. Good-looking Devastator. Holds up well!

  10. Looks great Tom. The wing fit is the reason I've shied away from this one

  11. Great work on your TBD, Tom! I've built three of the Monogram Devastators over the years, and they still hold up well today in terms of accuracy and detail.

  12. NIce work Tom - like the wing set up !

  13. I'm not sure that I understand all of the above comments but it's a great looking model.

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