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Skoda Turtle 1/35 build

May 10, 2017 · in Armor · · 22 · 2K

This was a great build had no problems with any of the fit,I have found kits quite good,I picked this kit because of the camo,used my own imagination in the colours,just looked on line at other builds and took it from there.

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  1. Nice work, I Have this kit. I can't work out which way is the front though lol.

    • Yes I was the same you will see a hatch opening in the front I saw this online and a man was standing in it,this can go forward or can be driven in reverse it has a crew of 5,there is a good article in MMI vol21 no4,if you can get a hold of it,thanks for your comments.

  2. Great Turtle, jim. I'm with Carl: which way do we go? LoL! Which way is which?

  3. Welcome to iModeler, Jim - a very user-friendly site, as you shall soon see.
    I'd say the headlights are a dead give away as to which is the "front" (and are those slits for a radiator opening?).
    The camo job looks almost like a map, doesn't it...? 🙂

  4. Great build and interesting, Welcome to the site.

  5. Just an interesting idea and design. Were many of the real thing made? Do any survive?
    Nicely done!

    • Do any survive do not know there was only about 12 made before ww2 in the 1920s,Germans took what was left and re-designed them for radio vehicles they were I believe hand hammered,takes me back to what I call the old days when everything was hand made not plastic cars today.Thanks for reply.

  6. Studebaker goes to war! Man, that is so cool, and something brand new to me. Oh, I know it's not a Studebaker but it does have that "which end is the front" thing going. Great model! 🙂

    • Yes you are right brought back memories,I worked in the auto,and spray painting trade,the days when you could repair a fender with a hammer and dolly.The only good plastic today is what comes out of a kit box.Thanks Jim.

  7. "And now for something different!" Very cool looking model-welcome aboard.

  8. Great built of an unusual subject. Like the camo on this one. I think Skoda designed and built some more unusual vehicles during that period.

  9. Nicely executed! I also often build something for the paint scheme, just because it looks so different or cool. Welcome to iModeler.

  10. I read your profile and this could be a good build for you,I have a few air brush spray guns but I did this model by hand,sprayed the base and started to mask it,but gave up and finished the rest by hand and did the out line edges with a marking pen,I think when this vehicle was made there was a good chance it was also hand painted, Thanks for the reply.

  11. Interesting to read about how you did the paintwork, it turned out well, welcome to iModeler.

    • Thanks George,yes I can not pick it was not sprayed,if I didnt do it myself,I used craft acrylics and you just build them up slowly and a good soft brush.

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