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1/48 Tamiya Bf-109 E-4/7 Tropical, 8 / JG 27, “StaffelKapitan” Werner Schroer

June 28, 2017 · in Aviation · · 34 · 9.5K

I little while ago I took some photos of two 109's that I built about 18 years ago. (man time really flies...).

I had planned on posting them, (along with the other Tamiya Bf-109 E-4 / 7 that I built as "White 12"), but other things kept me from doing so at that time. If time permits me, I plan on posting an article on "White 12" sometime over the next few days.

Recently in the "Year of the Cat" Group Build, another member, Paul Barber, started a build thread of the same plane, and asked that I post up some photos of this one.

Here's a link to Paul's build thread:

Please check it out for updates. If this one turns out half as nice as his Midway Group Build "E-13A Jake" did, then we will have a masterpiece to watch out for...

This build was inspired by these color photos taken of desert camouflaged 109's in North Africa.

Here's a picture of "Black 6" shown below...also from 8 / JG 27.

Back when I built this kit I didn't have access to the internet , but I did have these pictures in some of my books on the Luftwaffe, and thought it was a really cool looking plane. This picture shows the actual plane "Black 8", as flown by Werner Schroer.

I especially like how this one, "White 3", is almost blending in perfectly with the desert floor... camouflage at it's very best !

So when Tamiya released this kit, number 61063 back in 1998 or so, I just had to get one. After I built this one, I ended up buying a few more... and built up another one out of the box as "White 12" as flown by Luftwaffe Ace Muncheberg from 7 / JG 26.

Since then I picked up two more that are sitting in the stash. But after revisiting this one, I really can't say how long they will stay in the box...

I didn't know anything about Schroer until just recently. He was a Luftwaffe "Experten" having scored 114 enemy planes during 197 combat missions. He has been compared to another "Experten" Luftwaffe Ace, Hans Joachim Marseille, who also flew with JG 27 in North Africa.

Schroer went on to fly combat missions in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy with JG 27. He continued to fly and fight with JG 27 in Defense of the Reich duties with II / JG27 after the unit was moved to Europe. Schroer was promoted to Major in November 1943 while flying with Stab II / JG 27, shortly before his 90th victory.

On 14 March 1944, Schroer was appointed as "Gruppen Kommandeur" of III / JG 54, just after his 99th victory. In April 1944, JG 54 turned in their 109's and were retrained on flying the Focke - Wulf FW-190's.

Later on he served as Commander of the "Defense of the Reich" unit JG 3 "Udet", assuming command in mid February 1945. His last 12 victories were Soviet flown aircraft and were scored while flying the "long nosed Dora" FW-190 "Butcher Bird".

Schroer survived the War and passed away at the age of 66, in Ottobrunn, Germany, on 10 February 1985. He was buried with full military honors.

This kit was a typical Tamiya build. No faults that I can remember. It was built right out of the box and I used the kit decals.

The rudder displays 4 kill marks in red. If this is correct, they would have been for 3 Hurricanes, and the last (which was a P-40). These were his first 4 recorded kills. They were scored while he was flying with 1 / JG 27 and were scored in North Africa.

This one was painted using Model Master enamels, RLM 78, 79, and 80 as colors. I used a Testor's "Aztek" airbrush with the tan tip for the green "dots".

I hope you enjoy this one.

As usual, comments are encouraged.

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  1. Another beauty, Louis...but on the other hand, I've never seen anything you've done that WASN'T a beauty. Nice work my friend.

  2. I love that build. It is something I would like to build one of these days. Exceptional paint and effects.

  3. Great one Louis,I echo every ones comments.Cheers.

  4. Wow. Really nice work on the camo.

  5. Nice work on the 109, always liked the desert schemes. have a Stuka and an Fw-190 in the "Afrika Korps" desert scheme. I have a He-111 and a HS-129 I would like to add as well as the 109, and maybe a Ju-52. So many future projects. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Chuck. The desert schemes just seem to have something special about them. I remember your FW-190 from a recent post. It turned out very well. A Ju-52 would really be cool ! I found a color photo in one of my older Luftwaffe books, that shows Ju-52's along with several Bf-110's in the desert. They are all running up their engines and really kicking up a dust storm.

  6. Great build! I also like the desert schemes, and have just collected some reference material for a similar 109 build in 1/72.

    • Awesome Greg !

      For me the research is almost as much fun as the actual building. I'd like to see you 109 once you get it done. If it turns out anything like your SBD from the Midway GB, it will be a head turner for sure !

      I like pretty much anything dealing with the "DAK Afrika Korps" or the desert campaigns in general. I recently picked up a Rye Fields Model Tiger I from Tunisia, and have been thinking about adding it as a build for the "Year of the Cat".

  7. The best scheme on 109's Louis, Lovely work

  8. Great build, Louis! Beautifully painted, Brother DAT.

    • Thanks buddy ! It's great to hear from my fellow DAT... Thanks for liking the article too, my brother from another mother. I really appreciate the compliments.

  9. Think I missed this one a few days ago. Nice work on the mottled camo ?

  10. Hi Louis. This is a lovely build, technically excellent and artistically beautiful. Really captures the essence of the Emil - that distinctive dihedral and 'splay footed' undercarriage. It's not easy to get art and engineering in sync but for me you've got it.

  11. Nicely done Louis. I have several Luftwaffe types in the stash and the mottles scare the beejaysus outta me. Just learning the ins and outs of airbrushing also using an Aztek.

    • There is a small learning process with air brushing paints. The Aztec is a good one to start learning with. I recommend you practice on scrap paper or even an old model as a test bed. It also helps to thin the paints down so that they flow easier from the air brush. There's a lot of information about this out there. Practice is the best teacher. Once you get the hang of it you will be knocking out those Luftwaffe birds. Thanks for the compliments my friend.

  12. Hello Louis, you have made an excellent job of your 109.
    I really enjoyed the history lesson as well.

  13. Love this plane, got "-109" as license plate to my little white California made electrosportscar! Tx for sharing!

  14. Hi Louis, @lgardner

    First let me congratulate you for this beautifully made aircraft!

    I've only recently joined this Forum, so I'm still finding new topics and posts of interest.

    I do have the Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109E (Nr. JS-073, if not mistaken it was released in 1972) . The Messerschmitt is my favorite WWII aircraft, so I want to do this one the best possible way.
    Now, I want to make the Nº 8 (black outlined in red) flown by Werner Schroer, the exact same aircraft you have here, on 1/48.
    I've worked on the cockpit a bit, many years ago, added a lot of stuff (using pics from books I have, long before Internet), built a new seat, as the one provided with the kit is not good enough, and also almost finished the engine.
    For decades this kit has been put aside, as I could never find the right decals for this particular Werner Schroer Nº 8 aircraft (just like you I was inspired by the same pics I have in some of my books about the Messerschmitt 🙂 ) , and still can't, even thought I've researched all over the Net 🙁

    Would you by any chance know of some manufacturer who would have the decals for the exact aircraft you built, but on 1/32 scale? Please let me know.

    I still have a couple of questions concerning this aircraft (not that these are essential, but still) :

    • In some of my books it is listed as a BF 109E - 4/Trop, while in others, the same aircraft is listed as a 7/Trop !
    • Also, in some books they say Schroer flew this particular aircraft while on the I/JG 27, while according to others it was the II/JG 27, and some just mention JG 27 !



  15. "Would you by any chance know of some manufacturer who would have the decals for the exact aircraft you built, but on 1/32 scale? Please let me know."

    Question solved.


  16. Hello Dolf.

    Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed that you posted here.

    Unfortunately I don't know of anyone that makes these exact markings in 1/32 scale. This one was built using the kit supplied decals if my memory is correct.

    If I do happen to run across a manufacturer that produces these I'll definitely let you know.

    Sorry I can't be of much help.

  17. What did you ever find out ? It sounds like you may have found what you were looking for.

  18. Louis, @lgardner

    Yes, I found what I need, thanks.



  19. Oh no! You copied mine... but yours looks better than mine 🙂

    Very beautifull 109

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