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Battle of Kasserine Pass G.B. – 1/48 North American F-6A Mustang.

This is the scale kit. I picked up a Model Alliance decal set for RAF and Commonwealth fighters in the Med several years ago and wanted to build this particular aircraft first. The Kasserine Group Build gave me the perfect opportunity to do it! This aircraft is one of four which were lent to RAF 225Sq. by the American 154th TRS in Algeria at the time of the Kasserine battle. Apparently, PR Spitfires were in short supply in the Med and UK based units got priority. Some references say this plane was fully repainted in RAF colors, some say that the original US OD/NG scheme was simply given a disruptive pattern of Middle Stone. I went with the later because it's more interesting. It looks a lot like the British Tropical Land Scheme of dark green/Middle Stone over sky. All camo paints are Xtracolor enamels freehanded. The interior was painted with various Humbrol enamels. To be honest, this one was a bit of a struggle as I did something wrong in the cockpit that made the fuselage slightly too wide to get a good fit for the windscreen and canopy. After a lot of filling/sanding, and modifying a Tamiya open “coffin lid” canopy section to fit, it came together in the end. I also included a photo of the model parked next to the last Accurate Miniatures I built, the A-36 from 1994 when these kits were brand new.

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  1. Ahhh, what is not to love about that camera and its installation! Great to see an early Mustang in a very attractive scheme. Well done, John!

  2. Nice clean build, John...good work, sir. 🙂

  3. Wow, John--a real winner! Lovely paint scheme, excellent washing/weathering, great resolution to problems. This is a fantastic contribution to the KP GB, and a very nice complement to Tom Bebout (USAAF) Mustang of the same make. I am very grateful for your dedication in pushing this through!

  4. Lovely work John,well done .She looks great in British camo.

  5. Really striking build John, the soft lines between the camo colours, the weathering and the panel lines look spot on. The canopy looks really well done too, you certainly worked out any fit issues! I've been through the photos half a dozen times and this Mustang just keeps getting better!

    • Thanks, Paul! I just looked at it myself again and realized I forgot to paint the colored navigation lights under the right wing! Back to the paint shop...

  6. John, when these AM early mustang kits are done up right they can look really nice, like what we have here. Well done !

  7. I agree with Terry about the AM kits. Hard to find now - Wish I had bought a few more. You've done a great job on this kit & I especially like the close-up shot of the camera installation.

  8. Well done John, really nice addition to the group build. The Mustang looks really good in desert camouflage and you did an excellent free hand job on her. Glad you got her done, two thumbs up sir.

  9. I knew you could do it ! She turned out very nice, and you got it done before the 25th ... There's something about these early Mustangs. They look good but when you add a desert style camouflage finish, they go over the top.

    Well done Sir ! I like it a LOT...

  10. Great work John - it looks excellent - I'm going to have to get a Pony in British livery one of these days...

  11. I really like what you did here John. Very nice work and a great result.

  12. Hi John, Very nice job on your F-6A. I did the same AC awhile back -1:32 scale Hobbycraft kit. Again, Great looking Mustang.

  13. Lovely looking model, John, those cockpit and camera installation pictures are the bees' knees.

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