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Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 7

Been doing some building, and really enjoying myself,
This is what I have been up to,

Detailed the wheel wells, added some pluming, I can't seem to find much on the on the net, I did find the bottom of the wing which was taken during construction, minus the pluming. So I ended up using some artistic license, it looks ok, so I wont mess with it.
I then took the wing, and checked on the drawings, and measured out the position on the fuselage, I then cut out the bottom of the fuselage for the wing to fit, (this was nerve wracking, one slip and it would have ruined the fuselage), but it worked out ok, drank a large glass of wine to steady myself, and continued.
I glued in the top of the wheel well, with the pluming installed.
I then laminated some plastic card strips, and glued to the leading edge, then I glued the top wing skin on and sanded the leading edge to shape.
Then came the mating of the wing to the fuselage, glued into position, and the I started to fab the wing fillet's for the trailing edge of the wing, this I made out of 0.25mm plastic card.
The winglets came next, have a look at the pictures, what I basically did was manually bend plastic card that was cut to size, about 6 were used per side, glued them all together and then glued the winglets to the wing tip, and sanded them to the correct shape.
Then I made the horizontal stabilizers, this was fabricated the same way I made the wing, lots and lots of sanding guy's., added some Tamiya filler, and I am busy sanding everything down, then I will prime it, fix some small issues, and start with the undercarriage and cockpit detail.

I have added 2 pictures, I can't decide on the color of the aircraft I want to build, a little help with this guy's...

Hope you happy with the progress so far, If any of you need a little more in depth info, please send me a PM.


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20 responses

  1. What kind of wine, Marc? LoL!

    As usual, everything looks fantastic! You are part modeler, part stratchbuilder, part engineer, part sculptor, part woodworker, part artist, and all around extremely talented miniature maker.


  2. Marc, unbelievable! Another masterpiece in the making!

  3. Great work. I love a good scratchbuilt.

  4. Man oh man ! I don't know how you do it... But you do... and it looks fantastic ! Well done.

  5. YEAH...what they said!

  6. Another work of art!

  7. Good to see you back on it, Marc, and with style.

  8. Mind blowing stuff buddy. Brilliant.

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