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Young Min, Jang
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1/350 DKM Scharnhorst

March 14, 2018 · in Diorama · · 37 · 3.1K

Dear All my friend!

Nice meet you. I am very glad meet you all.

About 2 years ago, I made this ( ) Diorama with Z38(Dragon) & U-boat(Hobby boss).

I hope that we enjoy and share scale modelling together.

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  1. Young, this is some beautiful modeling that you've done here ! An extremely well done project, thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm impressed Young Min, absolutely an astounding build! Kudo's mate!

  3. Excellent presentation.

  4. One of THE most spectacular dioramas I've had the pleasure of seeing of late. Excellent workmanship, sir. Welcome.

  5. Holy C**p! That is exceptional in all respects! Nothing else to say...just exceptional! Keep up the great work and love to see more.

  6. Simply exquisite! Welcome to iModeler, and as long as you keep posting, yes - we will "enjoy and share scale modeling together!"

  7. Wow! what a great build, I might have give up ship modeling.

  8. That's just incredible. Each ship is done so well, each looks so realistic in overall finish. The crew members paying respect to the returning U-boat really does it. The diorama itself is just an amazing story. I love every little thing about this whole project.

    • Thanks a lot. Tom!
      I really appreciate that your point on my scharn's dio.
      Always I want to make good dios with many stories.

      But I also feel the shortage my skill.

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    said on March 14, 2018

    Fantastic work.

  10. Stunning build. Truly enjoyable and thanks for presenting it so well so that we can enjoy it. You have every right to be proud and do us all a service to show it off here.

  11. Beautifully built, Young Min! Each ship is very well done and the diorama is fantastic.

    VERY impressive. Welcome to iModeler!

    Your English is just fine, too! You speak my language MUCH better than I speak yours! (which is to say, I don't know ANY of yours!) Bravo!

  12. Outstanding work. The 'rigging' is incredible, among many incredible elements. Congratulations.

  13. This is amazing... I don't think there is anything else I can add about the boats, but can I just say the water is convincingly real as well! Tremendous work.

  14. Sorry to be late to the party here. This is an awesome display. Inspires me to get started working on one of the ships I have waiting to be built.

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