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RFM Panther update

I have been steadily plugging away at the kit, and still am impressed with many facets of it. One thing though that amazes me is small “misses”. For example on the engine deck there are two covers towards the rear. On Late Panthers these are two different sizes, yet the directions call for both to be part C 13. A search of the sprues and I found the correct part which I believe is C 12, I forgot to write it down, but it is obvious. Another miss is the air intake scoop on the engine deck has two locating pins, the holes for them ARE ON THE UNDERSIDE OF THE PART! Seriously? I also am amazed at what things they chose to do in PE. For example lots of stuff that is 100% hidden after assembly even if you are using the clear parts. Yet the circular louvers for the fan are a solid disc divided into a pie pattern or just left off . So I made my own. The screens for the fan and the round air intake on the opposite side are way too small so I took them from an old Dragon kit. The attachment for the mud guards on one side are in the wrong spot, so I removed them, glued them to the hull and then attached the guards. The tool clasps which Dragon molded pretty well, RFMs are clunky, again I used Dragon tools. So would I buy one of these again? Nope, Dragon is still king of the Panthers. SO unless you MUST have a Panther with an interior I would give this a pass. For the price you could get a Dragon G, some aftermarket tracks and PE and have a far easier time. I think it will look the part when done, and I have enjoyed the interior, but too many misses for a $100 kit.

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  1. The Panther is my favorite all time WW2 tank so you got my attention right away. Sorry to hear that this one has some problems with it. It sounds like you have it under control though and the pictures are looking great.

    I like the Dragon Panthers too, and the Tamiya ones build up really well too with fewer parts and are not too complicated. The fairly new Tamiya D model Panther is a very nice kit and it builds up quickly.

    Funny thing you should mention a late G model. I just picked up a set of “Uschi” circular discs to do the late model disc camouflage pattern.

    I plan on using them on a Tamiya Nashorn, Jagdpanzer IV / 70 Lang, and a Dragon Panther G with some Fruil tracks.

    Please keep us updated on how this one goes. Even though it has some problems it will look awesome with the full interior.

    I especially like how you have updated the fans and fabricated the block offs. There are a few photos that show these late War Panthers with oddball arrangements on these fans. Sometimes they had them reversed on the rear deck even.

    Crazy stuff.

  2. Lookin’ forward to seeing whatcha do with this, Rob…(and glad to see your not usin’ an iModeler mug for modelin’ tools) – 🙂

  3. I have enjoyed building the interior quite a bit even with the slight issues there. It just seems like the exterior so far is not quite as good as the Dragon version.

  4. good luck with your build. WOW that beer looks good!!!

  5. Nice detail work Rob!

  6. Well Rob, I am keeping up with your posts because I have the same “visible” RFM kit. I wouldn’t have known about the “misses” as you call them. Thanks! I would have built mine as per the directions.

    Great job on an interesting kit and thanks for he tips! Sadly, this kit may be more than I can handle and I might have to sell mine. Besides, at the snail’s pace I work, I’ll be lucky to finish what I have already started!

  7. Jeff, I think it is not beyond the average “experienced” modeler, but there are a few things to watch for. The interior is great fun, I just wish they had spent less time on the several 100% hidden things and concentrated more on the visible items. RFM is obviously capable of super fine detail molding, so why things like the tools are more like what we used to see in the 80s is beyond me. At least they are not molded to the hull!

  8. Great progress, Rob! Still love the glass.

  9. Ahh the glass, it’s because you, like me, are one!

  10. aka roof rats.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  11. Hi Rob! Any update on this RfM or are you chasing Phantoms only for the moment 🙂 Maybe New Belgium is the 51st US state but never heard of it! As long as it tastes right! Take care my friend!

  12. I plan on finishing it up after the Phantom. I needed to take a break from it, it was making me a might bit crazy!

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