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Weigh Station

August 19, 2018 · in Diorama · · 26 Comments

This build had taken me some time to put together. The base is a pic frame mount with poster board foam as ground base. The electronic ground concrete ground mounts and fence concrete rectangular blocks were both plaster cast and poster board foam cut and hot glued together. Then, I added wall Spackle to cover the joints. The signs were downloaded from the internet and scale to size using a similar WORD like program. The boom setup and detail around, were scratch built using styrene and misc. parts, from my box of tricks.

22 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses

  1. I donโ€™t know what to say, Charles. You take such an ordinary scene and raise it to extraordinary modeling achievement. Your ability to pick out detail and realise it, to capture a moment, is unsurpassed for me.

    King of the road.

  2. Hello Charles,
    Every detail is there. A real delight to study the picture.
    Regards, Dirk

  3. Thanks guys. I only wish I had a longer base to extend the scale. I had to compromise the length to make it fit the base and still look good. So in this case, size was an issue. But I still think it is OK. I have looked at different scales on Google, and have seen a few short scales. But I guess they were more for smaller vehicles. Regardless, I think the overall look makes up for that.

  4. It looks so real!
    Thanks for showing all the different angles. There is something new to see and marvel at on each photo. Great diorama.

    What made you pick this particular scene?

  5. I get a kick out of seeing the Michelin Man and his brother mounted on the roof of the truck. What I like about this Dio is that everything has a place and purpose. With all of the signs and electronics being in the appropriate place. Given the complexity of the subject and the potential for it being clutter... it works. Even the body language of the inspector really helps create that illusion of being at a weigh station.

    Two thumbs up Charles.

    • Aaaaaah! Thanks Stephen. Appreciate that you summized the entirety of the diorama the way you did.
      I was also worried about the clutter look but know it was a necessary factor knowing the subject matter required it.

  6. Another masterpiece, Charles! right down to the tie down chains!

  7. Again, the realism and detail in your diorama is absolutely amazing!



  8. I knew that was yours the second I saw the headline photo. You have that "touch". ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HAHAHA! Thank you Craig. I guess you kinda get used to seeing things that only familiarize subject matters to a particular modeler. I know what you mean. I am the same.

  9. Great job, Charles! Love to see your work.

  10. Thank you Gary.

  11. Another signature work. Very nice, Charles.

  12. Simply Awesome. What a beautiful build and project!

  13. One word: WOW.

  14. Another one of your amazing projects that could easily be mistaken for the real thing.

  15. Love your attention to detail Charles - you think of things to add that most people wouldn't even know should be there, or might not have been there but certainly could have! And the realism is always fantastic. Another beauty!

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