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Frosty reception

September 12, 2018 · in Diorama · · 10 Comments

This was another reason why I need to stop looking at Aliexpress and eBay.
I go for a browse, see something I wasn't looking for, and this is what happens. I spotted a kit that consisted a child with a wooden gun and snowman and then the rest followed from there. 1 Tamyia Schwimmwagon and 4 different resin kits (including the storage gear in back of schwimmwagon) later and I'm done.
(However I have just noted when uploading photos I still need to weather the last childs boots).
I've always liked the whitewash look applied over vehicles in winter environments and it's contrast in heavy mud so this was a good chance to do that too.

I've made changes to the mud after some observations from another member. I think he was right and the new mud looks better.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses

  1. Nice dio Carl, I got a chill just looking at it.

  2. Great composition Carl

  3. Nice work...I never could paint figures very well.

  4. Nice work. Very realistic winter weathering.

  5. cool diorama - I especially like the 'wet' effect on the mud

  6. Brrrr! It looks very wet & cold!

    Great job, Carl!

  7. The weathering on the boys coat is great, and the mud splashes on the schwimmwagon are realistic. I'm not sure if I can criticize this, especially when I could not equal the quality of your diorama. But I find the mud is a bit too 'chocolatey'. Did you have some sort of reference for colouration? Clearly all the clothing colour's are spot on.

    • Hi Mon. To be honest I had the same thought about the mud but thought I was over thinking it. So after you comments I decided to have a play and make it less shinny and more textured looking. I've added 2 new photos. I agree it was to chocolate looking, I think it looks better now? Thanks for your views they helped. Cheers.

  8. wow - that's some mud! Very cool concept and well executed!

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