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Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 12

September 21, 2018 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.1K

Well its great to be in the saddle again, and getting some building done. The last post I had was in May and I think you guys probably thought that I had disappeared of the face of the Earth, well I did for a while, I have been working out of the country, and I managed to take my Family to Thailand for a holiday as well, so enough of that for now...
When I had a look at Paul's scratch build, I was inspired to get the up and running again.

I managed to get the undercarriage completed, I re built everything again, as my last attempt just did not look good at all,
here is what I did,

I took some aluminum tubing (3,18mm) and squeezed it oval in the vice, I then cut the required lengths and glued them together, ( the PC 21 Undercarriage looks almost oval, with supporting ribs cut in to it to give it strength) so ,I then cut plastic card to simulate the gusseting and glued it on and sanded it down.
I then made the knuckle that joins the upper part of the undercarriage with the lower part of the bogey with the wheel and the shock ( this was also made with aluminum tubing) . This was quite a challenge, as the alignment was so important, as well as the stance of the aircraft when on its wheels. " lots of sweat and a few choice words later" I managed to get it to look OK. (you be the judge).
I then started the nose wheel, this was not too difficult, and I managed to get this done quite quickly.
Then it was the turn of the flaps and linkages, I used the same technique as I have used in my previous postings and this went off without any issues.
I then painted the underside of the aircraft and did a coat of clear to see how it will look, I will do some light water paper work to clean up any imperfections and then start to fab the rest of the control surfaces and the canopy...

I need to get this project completed as I have managed to order some kits from Fischer Model and Pattern, namely the RB 51 and the two seat Sea Fury... I am gonna build some air racers.
I will be back shortly and keep you guys updated, sorry about keeping you guys waiting.

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  1. Fabulous work Marc! I could swear this was made from some high quality model brand. The shape, contours and details are just brilliant. I truly admire people like you, that can materialize models out of their hats, or should I say brain and hands. Splendid colour scheme BTW.

  2. Welcome back my friend, great to ‘see’ you again - in one of my all time favourite build logs. I learn so much from your posts, I’m really pleased you are back in the saddle.

  3. Burn that oil, Marc. Sleep when you’re dead.

  4. Stunning craftsmanship, sir...been wonderin' where ya'd been. 🙁

  5. We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

    Beautiful work here. Really nice.

    You'll like the Paul Fisher kits.

    I was out on Pylon #1 in 1979 when Steve crashed the RB-51. Saw him come around and the engine blew on the final lap. As he explained it to me years later, the prop governor blew and all of a sudden he had six air brakes out front when the prop went into flat pitch. He immediately traded altitude for airspeed, but by the time he turned final for the runway he was at runway altitude as all of us at the pylon could see. Then he went out of sight into the hill and then there was the cloud of black smoke. As he told me, the engine and wings (with the fuel) separated from the fuselage, which is why he survived. Jim Maloney ran the entire length of the runway and down the hill, and got to him in time to pull him out of the cockpit. Both legs shattered, he's an inch and a half shorter than he was and lucky he walks. I did the model and every time I look at it I relive the accident.

  6. As TC says "we're not worthy". Marc. It's fabulous in every detail that we mere mortals can see. The u/c looks fantastic! I bottled it when planning how to finish the Nibbio, which ended up "flying" since none of my reference pics showed enough detail to attempt the complicated joints of the main legs that had to fit into relatively small recessess. Another blessing you're fortunate to have is the technical plans. Can't wait to show pics of the finished model to my brother since I've piqued his interest. I'm also quite jealous of your few weeks in the "Land of smiles". Paul

  7. Wow! Your a craftsman.

  8. stunning...fantastic

  9. As always - fantastic work, Marc! I didn't think your Pilatus could get much better. How wrong I was! Great Paint, too.

    Outstanding! Bravissimo!

  10. I'm so glad you're back in the saddle! I'd wondered when we were ever going to see the finale of this build (and whatever you have in store next - and now we know!).

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