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The new Airfix 1:48 Bristol Blenheim

November 4, 2018 · in Aviation · · 18 · 3.9K

Well, here it is at last, the new . This is built from a pre-production kit and the model will be featured soon in a new publication from Wingleader books ( The model is based on the research I did for my book on the Mk.1 Blenheim (also available from wingleader). This new Airfix kit is simply superb. The detail throughout is amazing and it all fits together extremely well. If we can get it organised, this will be on the Airfix stand at Telford next weekend. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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  1. Wow, it’s stunning! Been waiting for this kit to hit the shelves since it was announced several months ago. If the detail is as good as you say then it certainly was worth the wait

  2. Very nice model!

  3. Wonderful workmanship, my friend. Very nice job.

  4. That is simply amazing - stunning model and an interesting subject too. Great to hear that the Airfix kit is good - I'm very tempeted to get one.

  5. Life can be so cruel at times...when is the kit available for purchase? Alan, the kit is superb and just appears to be a "Goldilocks" build with the right amount of post shading and chipping. Professional is a good word.

    For the spar caps ...did you spray Tamiya smoke? I am impressed with how you did the cowling rings or collector rings on the leading edge of the cowling. Most modelers slap on some copper paint and over do it and it becomes the focus of the piece. You have toned that down so that the values and intensities of all the colors of the model are working together.

    I really pity the judges ...should be given helmets to prevent hair pulling.

    • Thanks Stephen, no the shading is all my own colours, different mixes of Tamya red-brown and black sprayed very thinly. The collectors were a lot of work, there are three alclad shades to get that look. I uses photos of the Duxford aircraft and some colour wartime images in my book to get the colour. As you say, its not copper, the colour is the result of the heating of the metal. This inst a competition entry, Airfix asked if they could display it on the stand. I'm tempted to do one for next years competition though, this one has too many issues as I didnt have enough time really. The kit is due out shortly I understand, this side of Xmas.

  6. your work is magic Alan...all ways a pleasure

  7. WoW! That's a fine looking kit and an interesting subject! Glad to see it.

    Great work, Alan!

  8. A superb example Alan, beautifully done! Any idea if Airfix will release this as a MkIV option at some point? It would have been nice to see the later nose as an option in this kit. Would the collector rings be Alclad 'Burnt Metal' by any chance?

    • Thanks Charles, dont know about a mark IV, it would require a new fuselage/cockpit, this kit has been designed purely as a mark 1. No its not Alclad burnt metal - that is one of the shades uses. It started off as aluminium then burnt metal was built up at the front and back, fading over the middle. Finally, jet exhaust was used on the front and back to give it a more used look.

  9. That looks really good, Alan. Great job all around. I can’t wait for this one to show up on my doorstep!

  10. Beautiful work and Airfix will be happy with the sales your excellent work generates.

  11. Alan, this is wonderful, I really like your paint work, and the nice touch of weathering without over doing it. Yes, I like it very much, Well done !

  12. Great looking Blenheim. I also appreciate the subtle work on the metal section of the cowling - very well done!

  13. So great to see it 'in the flesh' Allan. I'll be buying a couple of the MkIV's when they eventually appear and from what you say, a MkI may also be on the cards too.

  14. Fantastic paint work. Do I need one, yes I do. Do I need several...perhaps

  15. This model is incredible! I have recently bought my own 1/48 Blenheim and i noticed in the colour call-outs they give you a template in order to make the yellow part or the roundels look painted over! It seems you have done it and I just can’t work out how to do it! So how do I get that darker circles around the roundels? Thanks!

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