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Final resting place

January 5, 2019 · in Diorama · · 18 · 2.1K

Time for something COMPLETELY different. Felt like having a bit of a play with something I've always been fasinated by; sunken tank graveyards.
Here I've attempted to show a 1/35th Type 97 medium tank sunken in shallow water off a Pacific island with a diver exploring it.

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  1. Great model, looks real. I once watched a documentary on the Chuuk Archipelago (Marianas) that has a lot of Japanese wrecks from WWII in it, a paradise for scuba divers! Well done Carl!

    • A minor correction: Chuuk Archipelago was known in WW2 as "Truk (pronounced "Trook") Atoll," main Japanese central Pacific base and today a SCUBA diver's wonderland of wrecks after the three raids in 1944. The Marianas, close by the deepest part of the Pacific, the Marianas Trench, have nothing divable like Chuuk do to depth of the ocean.

  2. Thanks Michael. Would be very cool to do a dive like this. Hope to get the chance one-day.

  3. Very cool. I really enjoy and envy armor dioramas

  4. This is great ,very imaginative. Well done.

  5. Excellent imagination and execution.

  6. Great diorama, Carl!

  7. A unique dio indeed - I like it! 🙂

  8. Outstanding job Carl! Really like this concept.

  9. Now that's different, nice work!

  10. Nicely done in concept and execution ! love the marine growth effects on the tank - great work!

  11. Absolutely magnificent and very creative.

    But I can't help thinking how nice it would look in an aquarium ...

  12. This is really imaginative and very well-executed. I like it a lot!

  13. Carl, if you are really interested in this kind of thing, there’s a nut job of an iModeler trying something similar here...some good photos, if nothing else...

  14. Carl that is really creative, like it a lot.

  15. very nice! Took me a moment to realize you hadn't forgotten to add the tank to the diorama!

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