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World War II, Bombed City Crossing Checkpoint

February 19, 2019 · in Diorama · · 26 · 3.2K

Hello, my friends, thank you for accepting me. I present you my last humble work, which in all required almost three months of work. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to everyone, the comments are always welcome. A big hug from Italy. Roberto

"On March 4, 1943, the forces of the Bomber Command, the RAF unit in charge of the bombing operations, decided to launch a new offensive against the Ruhr. The objectives were Essen, Duisburg and Bochum. Just Essen was the starting point of the offensive. On the evening of March 5, 1943, Essen saw 1.051 tons of bombs raining down from the sky, which for the first time since the beginning of the war struck it in full and flew back to Essen, further hammering inhabited areas and Krupp. After many nights of peace, Essen was not severely hit, but her flak crashed 22 planes. Finally the night from 25 to 26 July 1943, 604 bombers attacked Essen causing great damage to Krupp and the city itself"

Kit art. 36013 Cross-road diorama base ,
Miniart 35584 East European Home Stuff
MB3527 Checkpoint

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  1. Great looking diorama.
    Are the photo backdrops added post process or have you printed them out?

  2. Very nice diorama with a great attention to detail, and an extremely interesting story to go with it.
    Well done Roberto, and welcome to iModeler.

  3. Very nice Roberto. The interior damage looks very convincing. And welcome to the forum.

  4. Thank you Gary, the interior kitchen floor is made with Italian pasta 😉

    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  5. Outstanding work, sir...welcome aboard.

  6. Very nicely done dio. I like the detail of the bombed out building, pasta? Great idea, and it looks like it would work well as cobblestone.

  7. Love it! Very creative photography with the background. Welcome aboard!

  8. Welcome home Roberto, outstanding work!

  9. Very nice. Enjoy your use of everyday items to help pull off the build. Great work.

  10. Nicely done Roberto, and welcome to iModeler. And the pasta idea for tile? Brilliant idea. ,

  11. well done...most interesting...i'd hate to be a German soldier in an occupied country at that time

  12. Nice! and the working lamposts are a must! how do you did it?
    The 'night' shots are amazing!

  13. Thank you Manuel, the street lamps I used are those for Christmas dioramas, they have an internal LED that is quite bright with a yellow light that gives a beautiful antique effect. I am attaching a link, I found them in Christmas decorations stores here in Italy. I have pull off the garlands and substitute it with nazi propaganda poster. hello, a big hug.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  14. Very nice work, a full story as a diorama should be.

    • hello Tom, it's always what I'm trying to do. The history of the dioramas that I build always starts from a historical research to insert creation into the historical context. behind every single detail, such as the poster of the film, the Nazi propaganda posters, the set table and the wallpaper, there is always a study to make everything as close as possible to the reality of the time. thank you for your compliments

  15. Great work! You can almost here 'show me your papers!' photo 4,&5.

    • hi Robert, you're right, the set of the checkpoint masterbox gives the feeling of the fear of the city's inhabitants to be arrested by the feldgendarmerie, and I tried to convey this in the diorama. Thank you for your visit and your appreciated comment. Hello.

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