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Saab Aj37 Viggen 1/48 Special Hobby

May 5, 2020 · in Aviation · · 30 · 3K

The 37 ("Thunderbolt") is a retired Swedish single-seat, single-engine, short-medium range combat aircraft. Development work on the type was initiated at Saab in 1952 and, following the selection of a radical delta wing configuration, the resulting aircraft performed its first flight on 8 February 1967 and entered service in 21 June 1971. It was the first canard design produced in quantity.[4] The Viggen was also the most advanced[vague] fighter jet in Europe until the introduction of the Panavia Tornado into operational service in 1981.
Several distinct variants of the Viggen were produced to perform the roles of strike fighter (AJ 37), aerial reconnaissance (SF 37), maritime patrol aircraft (SH 37) and a two-seat trainer (SK 37). In the late 1970s, the all-weather fighter-interceptor aircraft JA 37 variant was introduced. In November 2005, the Viggen was retired from service by the Swedish Air Force, the only operator, having been replaced by the newer Saab JAS 39 Gripen.

I love this plane and i was very happy, when my daughter bought me it. But i didnt know, how long and hard way wait for me. I bought many aftermarket, like Pe parts, resin parts and mask and build was harder and harder. But this is result. Not all perfect,but i am happy, that is finish. From first moment i want this brutal missiles. 🙂

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  1. 1ST excellent paint work. I love the splinter scheme on the Viggen. I have the old ESCI with some extras to help it. But I also did pick up one of the Special Hobby kits last year so have 2 in the stash. It is one unique looking fighter in a SAAB sort of way. The cockpit looks good as well. Don't think will be able to get to it this year but looking forward to start to build it. I will do the splinter scheme as well. Anything too look out for? Anyway thanks for sharing. Good work.

    • Thank you for comment. Paint mask is necessary. For me, but i mean for everyone :). And some upgrade on nozzle. Resin better then pe parts. And pitot tubes maybe:)

      • No doubt Josef that scheme needs to be masked as each top color has a hard or sharp edge. The Special Hobby kit I have has PE included in the kit. Tons of resin for the older kit. This one is ok out of the box?

        • I used resin from CMK- air brakes, thrust reverser,seat and wheels, PE parts from Maestro models - exterior and ladder(not on photos) and resin missiles from Maestro models, and new metal pitot tubes.

  2. What an awesome build! I like this aircraft a lot and those anti-ship missiles look mean :-D. I've built the nº2 prototype, in natural metal, with those missiles too, they look great!
    Congratulations on your build

  3. One of my favorites, and perhaps my favorite camo scheme! You pulled off the splinter pattern beautifully. Well done.

  4. Excellent build of a not easy model.
    Been trying to finish one now for four years. It is a brute of a model, but if it turns out anywhere as decent as yours I'll be happy.

  5. Velice dobrá práce, Pepo.

  6. Fantastic bird, fantastic rendition. Bravo Josef!

  7. Sweet looking camouflage, well done

  8. Love the paint job. You guys who can do that are "a breed apart."

  9. Beautifully done!

  10. I love this plane and it has a special place in my memories. In 1984, I was a United Nations Escort Driver to two Swedish Generals in the Korean DMZ at Panmunjom. Gustav Peyron (infantry) and Gunar Unell (Air Force). Gen Unell gave me the framed photo on him flying the plane when I rotated back to the states. He told me many stories of how much fun he had flying in that plane. As you can see from the picture, you did a REALLY great job recreating the real thing! Swedes were great folks. ?

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  11. Excellent model and exceptional camouflage, Josef! I have built the Airfix in the past, finished in the very interesting "Blue Peter" scheme. It was much simpler than your scheme! Also, the model was more basic.
    I really want to make a nice model like yours in that scheme one day.

  12. One of my favorite planes, especially in this scheme.
    You have really made it look like real. Beautifully done.

  13. Beautifully done Josef, really like the camo paint job.

  14. Nice model Josef!

    It brings memories. I spent large parts of my youth at our summer house in the Stockholm Archipelago. These planes would fly over us regularly, with a terrific roar. The aircraft being supersonic, we kids quickly learned, that if you wanted to see the planes, you couldn't look to where the sound came from. You would have to look ahead of where it came from. With their distinctive silhouettes, the Viggens were easy to distinguish from the Drakens, which also had very distinctive silhouettes.

    If you should go to Sweden, there are quite a few of these aircrafts, preserved at different museums.

    Again, nice build and paint job.

  15. Everything about your build of this plane is superb from the cockpit details to the amazing paint job! Excellent!

  16. Nice build mate! I love this camo scheme.

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