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Spitfire Mk.Vb with DB605 engine, 1/48

Re-engined Spitfire

This is my version of the Mk.Vb that was re-engined by the Germans to make comparisons of the Merlin and DB engines

The story can be searched online, suffice it to say the Germans made some tests with the engine from a 110 and the propeller from a 109. I bought two different conversions, and ended up with the Fusion resin for the Tamiya Spitfire Mk.V. The donor kit being a trop as the engine had to be removed anyway. There is a link to my full description below, so just lean back and enjoy the pictures

The Fusion resin came without decals, and they were taken from the other conversion I bought. The most enjoyful part of this build was all the comments, ideas and stuff given from fellow iModelers during the work over in the group-section. I highly recommend posting your build there as it progresses, it has been a real pleasure to enjoy the spirit there.

Now, if you want to see the next full build it is here;

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  1. This is a fantastic result, my friend @airbum!

    A very challenging conversion, rarely seen built (first time for me) and it looks absolutely spectacular.

    I had the pleasure to follow along your progress through your build thread and I loved the way you sorted out the not so few challenges that arose.

    Excellent allaround, putting together, "converting" and painting definitely included!

    Well done, my friend!

    I would classify it as a 109 breed, so, a 109 collection cannot be complete without one!

    • Thank you my friend. It was an absolute pleasure to have you along Spiros (@fiveten). Now I placed it amongst some 109's but she who must be obeyed opposed. Luckily she is away for a week, so it sits proudly with the japanese, Swiss and Marseilles 109's.

  2. Very nice Erik. I need to add one to my Spitfire collection one day

  3. Sharp work Erik. This is a version not often seen.

  4. An incredible conversion, Erik @airbum
    It just looks like one airframe.
    No signs of cutting and combining parts.
    Followed your thread with a lot of interest.

    • It was a pleasureto have you along John (@JohnB). All the parts in the conversion kit follows existing panel lines, making it real easy. I highly reccomend this conversion as a first try at such things!

  5. Erik @airbum, I lost some of your WIP of this one, but the end result is quite amazing...I guess you need the Buchon as a companion for the MesserSpit eheheh
    Great job!

  6. Creative work indeed! very unique!

  7. Awesome work, Erik (@airbum). It was a pleasure following this build in-progess and watching you overcome the many challenges presented. I think your skills have progressed to the point that you should be able to take a block of plastic and carve a model from it. (just kidding) Mating the resin conversion with the plastic of the model required a high level of creativity and skill. Well done, buddy!

  8. Erik, @airbum
    This was a lot of fun watching you convert this Spitfire over to a DB engine. You did a magnificent job with it. In real life, I wonder which version offered the best performance ? Both were legendary power plants...

    I'm sure this Spitfire would have blended in a little more easily with the rest of your 109 collection, if it didn't have a yellow nose ! The landing gear, and with the engine swap, it would have looked very similar when viewed from the front... So maybe you will get away with the placement of it in your display case...

    • Louis, (@lgardner), it was a fun conversion, and one that will be repeated when more info has been found (how was the IP arranged etc. - I know the voltage was changed and the regulator behind the headpad must be removed in any conversion, and the DB had the German fuelpump on the right wall, that is about all I have found so far). I saw some of the original documents on auction once, but way out of my reach. For some reason the buyer has not wanted to share the information online - at least not yet, and so it must be down to the info available; The spit was quite a bit lighter than an operational one - the fuel capacity had been reduced in order to place the oiltank behind the DB engine, and the weapons had been taken out. With that in mind it was able to climb at 20,8 m/s untill 2400m, bettering a 109G by 5m/s (a fully laden 109 that is). Below 10000m the DB-spit was slower than a 109 - 25 km/h at low level. Who knows, perhaps the buyer wants to use the info in a book? fingers crossed!

      Perhaps if I get acess to original documentation I may be able to describe the real tests next time, but untill they surface all is specualtion on my part, no facts claimed here.

  9. That is a very cool project of yours Eric! Love the weird look of that nose, and the scheme is pretty cool also. Nicely done!

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