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A pair of Fairey Fireflies, AZ model 1/48

January 25, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.8K

So, here's my take on a favourite airplane of mine. I decided early on to divert from the classic paint schemes and go for the more colorful, obscure schemes. So here we have an Ethiopian plane with an interesting camouflage, and an Indian target tug with a unique and difficult camo.

As for the kit, anyone with an under their belt will know it's not a one-week project. Fit is average and pieces need a lot of preparation. However the resin parts are amazing and account for the whole of the cockpit (plus photoecthed) and the landing gear bays.

The Indian plane was more challenging as I decided to use a vac form canopy and also required some changes to be accurate, most importantly the removal of the wing cannons and differences on the observer's canopy. And of course an aluminium finish is troublesome for ill-fitting kits.

Indian planes also carried two external fuel tanks but these are not included in the kit, therefore I used the ones provided in the Special Hobby kit.

Other extra work involved was the use of resin cannon barrels and resin prop and spinner, as well as a full riveting process.

Painting was done with AK xtreme metal and Vallejo paints.

Fortunally decals were obedient to typical application methods. The big lettering on the Indian's underside is painted using a custom made mask, and the small "indian navy" decals on the side are home-printed.

Anyway, not an easy build for this kit, let alone when tackling two of them, but considering the challenges faced, I'm quite happy with the result.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Without a doubt, those are the two best Firefly models I have ever seen, and that you did them with AZ instead of the more friendly Special Hobby makes the achievement even more remarkable.

    "Liked" (a lot!)

  2. Fantastic builds , George.
    Two great looking schemes and beautiful builds.

  3. Those are two absolutely wonderful Fireflies, Φίλε Γιώργο!
    Amazing modeling skills, excellent painting and weathering and beautiful scheme choices, over a difficult kit (well, two of them!).
    I love obscure scheme subjects, they just look so cool!
    Congratulations, my friend!

  4. Masterclass work is my humble opinion. And yes, also the best Fireflies I recall seeing presented. Solid build with great care in the painting and weathering also. Thumbs up George!

  5. Amazing builds in all respects George.

  6. Got to admit it George either of these offerings are lightyears past my recent attempt ,absolutely fantastic , you are an artist in 3D. I wish I'd gone for the Vacform canopy now.
    Really well done.

  7. These planes look very cool, the weathering and surface effects are exquisite!

  8. These are fantastic, George. I’m a Firefly fan and am familiar with both the SH and the AZ kits. That AZ kit is by far the more difficult of the two. Well done!

  9. Those are two stunning builds. The NMF scheme is one of the most appealing renditions I've ever seen. Both schemes and models are fantastic!

  10. One word: WOW!
    More WOW when I know AZ 'kits'... You did an amazing job, congratulations!

  11. A beautiful airframe...excellent marking and paint schemes and fantastic photography to boot!
    What more could one ask for?

  12. Outstanding work George, especially the NMF which really looks cool.

  13. That's a WOW from me as well.

  14. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Both of those models are an eye popper, you have done a very great job here George.
    But to be honest ... the ALUMINIUM finish one really caught my attention.
    For some reason ( maybe the angles in the pictures ), it has a rare yet alluring stance and appeal.
    The weathering on both is very well applied and convincing.
    Thank you for sharing these images.

  15. Fantastic work on both of these, and the aluminium finish really is the business. Definitely liked.

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