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Spitfire MK XVI ‘SL 549’ 17th RAF Squadron

April 23, 2021 · in Aviation · · 26 · 2.1K

Hi everybody,

I would like to present you the MK XVI.
Built 2-3 years ago, here is the model. As usual every parts are coming from the box and no extra added, the build is the 1/48 Profipack.

The kit was, as usual, not a surprise, well-detailed and well-fitting kit. The major problem I could find were on the upper and lower engine cowl. Those needs to be glued together and to avoid that any seem could be seen. For the rest not much difficulty encountered. I just lost the seat belts while handling the model, which have been replaced by P-51 seat belts. I hope this is not too obvious.
Unfortunately I could not find a lot of information about the SL 549. I just know that she was commissioned in Oct 1947 and operating with the 12th communication group and finished her operating life in Farnborough from ‘49 to '51.

Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to leave comment and recommendation.

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  1. That's a really nice spit, Yann, in lovely post war markings.
    Well done!

    • Tks a lot Spiros, it's been a while that I was not following Imodeler, but yesterday was a shinny day so I decided to take a model to take few shots. How are your progress with the F-16? Last time the undercarriage were in position what a nice build!

      • Thanks my friend @yann!
        Here she is today, ready for weathering and final coat:

        Hopefully I will sneak some time this afternoon to work on her, as my two little monkeys (errr, sorry, my young boys...) are all over me!

        • Well she looks marvelous , waiting for weathering and canopy. Don't worry for the monkey, I have one my self!... He is 6 yo and started modeling few weeks ago (with help from daddy!). BTW today and yesterday was flying day (living near EBFS airbase) just enjoying to see them flying.

  2. Lovely outdoor photographs, @Yann, which paint did you use to get that finish? Definitely liked.

    • Tks a lot for the comment George. Regarding the paint I can not remember exactly but for sure it was a Revell Enamel paint either 90 or 99 (maybe a mix?) . Sorry for the fuzzy answer.

  3. Nice clean spit!

  4. We ended yesterday with a great teardrop Spitfire and we started the day with another great teardrop Spit! Nicely done.
    The only recommendation I can think of Yann is 'more photos'.

  5. Nice work, Yann. Spitfires look great in silver.

  6. Beautiful build, Yann,
    Shining like a star in the sun.
    Great paintwork and detailing on the interior.

  7. Nicely done, a real beauty!

  8. Looks great. I'm building the Weekend version of this kit at this very moment, the one with the "5s". Getting ready to glue the fuselage together in 5 minutes

  9. Wow! Spitfires galore! All that and yard monkeys to boot!

    Yann, great work on this beautiful aircraft. Bravo!

  10. Very, very nice Yann! This is a great kit and you did it justice. Thanks for including those reference photos.

  11. Very nice finish and decal work, Yann. We don't see so many builds of late mark Spitfires. The all metal finish really brings out the sleek lines of the bubble top Spitfire.

  12. Nice job on your build, looks great in silver. I always find painting a Spitfire is not easy to do in silver. Again nice work.

  13. Thanks a lot Bob (@v1pro) for your nice comment. Attached the picture which inspire me to maker this model, although it's not a MK XVI but the colors are marvelous.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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