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Messerschmitt Me262A-1a Heinz “Pritzl” Bär, Hobby Boss 1/48 (No.80373 year 2011)

September 21, 2021 · in Aviation · · 40 · 2.9K

Finished the Me262A-1a flown by Heinz "Pritzl" Bär who shot down 16 enemy aircraft flying the 262 out of his 220 aircraft shot down in total.

The kit included decals to create the V355 experimental aircraft containing 2 additional cannons. With the help of Eric (@airbum) who sent me the decals of Heinz Bär's aircraft, I was able to convert it into the Red 13 which I did prefer more.

Michael Turner's @michaelt building thread did help me a lot to get the most out of this Hobby Boss kit.

Have to say that it was a pleasure to build and there were not many issues which had to be solved.

To prevent it from being a tail sitter, Hobby Boss created a metal nose cone but this metal is barely enough to keep it on the nose wheel, luckily I added a bolt and two nuts inside the compartment where usually the two additional cannons should have been mounted. No tail sitting at all now.

As usual I used Vallejo acrylics for the primer, paints and varnish.

Montex masks and Eduard seatbelts are the only aftermarket addition to this OOB build.

Scratchbuild are the brake lines, made out of electra wire.

Only struggle I had was my own fault, while repairing a knocked off main landing gear, I was so clumsy to knock down the other one as well. Repairing was however not that difficult using CA for more strength.

I'm pretty confident with the result although I think I could definitely improve on the mottling part.

Hope you enjoy the added pictures, all of them taken outdoor mostly in the shade. Last couple of pictures inside the sun.

Thanks for watching.

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  1. Nice looking Swallow, I really like the scheme also, good choice as the red nose and "13" really pop and draw attention to your well done build.

  2. @johnb - this is really good work. I think you have stepped to a new level with this project. An excellent result.

  3. What an amazing build John @johnb. That's a fabulous 262. The detailing are so perfect, what to say... Just thank you for sharing.

  4. Excellent job John, she really looks nice.

  5. Your 262 looks perfect John@johnb. I agree with what TC said above. You've reached a new level with this build. Good photos too. I really "like" it.

  6. That came out really nice, John. Well done!

  7. Looks really great - I think your mottling work is as good as I've seen! Well done.

  8. An amazing result, my friend John! Your models are fantastic, getting better and better model after model. I had the pleasure to follow your build thread as well, which was a great experience.

  9. Excellent work, John.

  10. Really sharp work John. Your paint work looks spot on giving a very realistic look. The cockpit detail is also outstanding.

  11. Beautiful model and really nice photography, John. As Greg said, the mottling is excellent. I would also highlight your very smooth decal application as the final mark of a great finish. All in all, you have enhanced a good kit with some intricate detail work. Congratulations on a first class build.

  12. @johnb, That's a great looking Stormbird! The 262 is my all-time favorite and you've really nailed it here. It is excellent! 🙂

  13. Fantastic result, John,the extra details you've added, your careful assembly, and the excellent paintwork and finish all add up to a great model, nicely shown off by your photographs. Definitely liked.

  14. I agree with George ^^… great work !

  15. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Extremely well done work on this model John.
    Your camouflage painting on this one is just a good eye grabber and the mottling effect
    is a good detail added to this. The red nose really set's this one apart, very nice touch.

  16. Really like it. What RLMs did you use?

  17. Your Bär 262 looks terrific, and like I mentioned during the WIP, the mottling looks very neat indeed. Thumbs up John!

  18. G'day john (@johnb),
    Another great build.
    I enjoyed watching the build progress and am flattered that my build log was helpful.
    The colours are a good combination and the mottle looks nicely done.

  19. John, @johnb
    Your 262 turned out looking magnificent ! Like the others have mentioned, I also enjoyed reading your build journal, and the pictures, (along with the details), you posted there are going to be a great help in the future when I finally get around to building up some of these for myself. I have a stash with about 10 of these HB 262 kits. Chances are that I will build them all at once in typical "Iron Werkes" fashion at the same time.

    I am impressed with how the mottling and "dirtying up" work turned out. It's almost impossible to get it done right on the very first go. As you had mentioned, on the real plane no two were ever the same. It all ends up with how you like it once completed. You have a vision in your mind, and the goal is to match the vision.

    I think that you did perfectly with that... The extra attention with the details in the cockpit and adding the brake line on the nose gear all are like icing on a cake.

    Well done my friend. I definitely checked the "like" box too. I hope to see more of your work posted soon.

  20. Looks like pictures of the genuine article I've seen, smashing job sir.

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