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P-47D: "Sleepy Jean the 3rd"

November 21, 2021 · in Aviation · · 32 · 1.8K

Hey All. My latest completion. , , Bubbletop.

Built OOB but with Meteor Productions PYN-up decals, markings of P47D-28-RA of the 395 FS/368 FG, “Sleepy Jean the 3rd”.
This was my first Tamiya P-47 kit and a pleasure to build.
Mr. Color 1500 Black Primer
Floquil Old Silver and various shades of Vallejo Metal Colors
Mr. Color #38 Olive Drab, Mr. Color #68 Red, Mr. Color #329 Yellow
Lightly weathered with thinned artist oil pin wash and dry brushed with Tamiya's weathering pastels, metal shades.

I hope you enjoy the results.
Until next time, KEEP IT FUN!

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  1. Nice job on a great looking Thunderbolt!

  2. Looks really nice.

  3. Gary, @gwskat
    This is a fantastic looking Thunderbolt. I have yet to build a Tamiya version of this iconic plane. Judging from your comments on how the build went, I'm way past due. This one will look right at home with your other masterpieces.

    I definitely pressed the "like" button on this baby !

  4. Man, Ralph, that Floquil really forms the basis for a gorgeous bare metal finish, and that PYN-up decal is right on the nose! Did you use the older volatile Floquil or the newer acrylic? Great build for an outstanding old Jug kit.

  5. That’s really sharp, Gary. I like Floquil as a base for NMF too. Hoarded a bunch of Old Silver and Bright Silver when they stopped making it.

    • Thanks, John. I have two old bottles of the Old and Bright. I've had them for many years and they still do a nice job. They are a nice base, great coverage, look good and are tough for weathering. If I want to do some chipping they are a great undercoat and primer.

  6. Turned out wonderful, Gary!

  7. You can't go wrong with a Tamiya P-47 and a good set of decals. Add those to "some modeling experience required" and talent and the result is as close to guaranteed as anything gets nowadays. This is the one Tamiya kit with which I have no "issues."

  8. What a beautiful build, Gary @gwskat
    To me Jean doesn't look sleepy at all.

  9. Nice work, really like it.

  10. Nicely done Gary, you can't beat those Tamiya P-47's always enjoy building them. Nice looking nose art as well, you may want to.check out Thundercal Decals for some more interesting nose art. Well done buddy.

  11. Very fine work Gary. The NMF finish is really well done.

  12. Beautiful jug Gary. Superb NMF finish. When I built mine, I used “Sleepy Jean” decals made by BarracudaCast that were as good as Cutting Edge’s and considerably cheaper. However they have been out of stock for quite some time.

    If you enjoyed this one, you should build Tamiya’s Razorback version.

  13. Nice work on the Jug, nice colorful finish. Can't beat that Tamiya kit for a fun build of an awesome plane.

  14. That is one beautiful Jug! Well done.

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