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1/48 Airfix Sea Fury, Royal Australian Navy

January 1, 2022 · in Aviation · · 25 · 1.5K

G'day all.

First for 2022 (so close for 2021 though). The with all the Barracuda bits including cockpit set, cowl and spinner, main gear bay, wheels and brass gear legs. Master barrels pitot and cannon barrels top it off. Built using the really nice kit decals as VW645 from 805 squadron Royal Australian Navy. I wanted to try and add some interest to the otherwise ubiquitous EDSG/sky scheme, I think I came close to the mark. I can thoroughly recommend the VMS satin varnish too. Apply it wet and it comes out perfect and it's water based too. The only downer to the kit are the braille rivets on the rudder and the heavy panel lines. Oh, and the crappy two piece cowl.


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  1. Fantastic result, Mick!
    Excellent weathering!

  2. Great start of 2022 with this build, Mick @mickdrover
    Weathering is indeed amazing, very realistic.

  3. Turned out very nice, looks excellent.

  4. @mickdrover, Oh, that's quite nice Mick! You've built a beaut of a Sea Fury there. ? It's a far cry from the old Hobbycraft kit, the one Sea Fury in my collection. ?

    • @garybrantley - Latest historical research, confirmed in FAA records, is that it wasn't Carmichael got the MiG but his wingman, Sub-Lt Brian "Smoo" Ellis.

      Still a very nice model however.

    • Thanks Gary. I once had the Hobbycraft kit and then shifted to the Trumpeter one. That got off loaded when the Airfix version came out a few years ago. Nice job on your Sea Fury too. I had heard what Tom mentioned about Ellis being the shooter and not Carmichael. Such is the fog of war.

      • @tcinla and @mickdrover, Thanks gents! ? And yes, I've since read of the updated information that Tom mentioned, and it seems that I remember some questioning of Carmichael's claim even when I first posted that article. As you said Mick, the fog of war sometimes muddles the facts. ?

  5. WOW... You made the absolute best of this great aircraft & kit!
    Can't imagine it being better built and finished than this!
    I spent a lot of time with a full size one years ago while I was shooting
    an Aussie documentary @ the B25 Mitchell titled: "Ghosts in the Sky".
    We had a Sea Fury, P40 and a Corsair for formation flying shots.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. "The 1/48 Airfix Sea Fury with all the Barracuda bits including cockpit set, cowl and spinner, main gear bay, wheels and brass gear legs. Master barrels pitot and cannon barrels top it off." Michael , all of the resin bits and such are the coup d'e'tat for bring the Airfx Sea fury up to snuff.

    Like the detail and painting the gear wells which are spot on, the under carriage and wheels are painted to perfection. Gary makes a good point in writing that the Airfix kit is a far cry from the Hobbycraft kit.

    Lookin good, something to be proud of in my book.

    • Thanks Stephen. I'd used Roy's stuff before and new I wasn't got to be disappointed with the improvement. I'd have to say the main gear bay is the best improvement as it's most visible albeit underneath. I've got a Sea Fury in the collection now.

  7. Nice work @mickdrover.

    One can get away with things just doing what's in the box (with Aeromaster decals in this case)

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  8. She's a beauty! Way better than that old and much maligned but loveable HobbyCraft version, @mickdrover. Hats off to Roy Sutherland for designing the upgraded "bits". "Liked".

  9. Beautiful execution. I have this on the pile for this year. I think I'll do the Czech version, it's very colorful. Airfix has come such a long way, but they can't seem to design decent canopies.

  10. Thanks James. Is it the Dutch Navy version you mean? I didn't have any issues with the kit canopy.

  11. Nice work, Michael. You really nailed the Hawker yellow color.

  12. I think it’s a beautiful colour scheme and your weathering really brings out the best of it.

  13. That's a great build. I love the subtlety of the paint and weathering work - looks just right!

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