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Hasegawa 1/48 P-40N

February 4, 2022 · in Aviation · · 30 · 1.2K

Second one off the bench for 2022, and my 24th build. I may have a P-40 addiction from which there is no known cure. Just like this old war horse which saw action in just about every theater with most Allied air forces. Consequently, the paint schemes and nose art to replicate is almost endless.

The above model represents a P-40N with the 26th FS, 51st FG which operated in the CBI Theater in WWII. Wanted to build it after I saw the below pic with rockets slung under a P-40N's wing. Apparently, rockets were used quite often with the 51st Group. The kit is a typical P-40, nice detail and of course several plugs you have to attach so Hasegawa can offer several different versions of the P-40 model line, i.e. E,K,M,and N to the best of my knowledge.

Build mostly OOB, but as usual I added an Ultracast seat with molded belts for added detail. Paints were a combination of Model Master enamels and acrylics. Decals were a combination of the kits, Fundekals for the stars and bars and Techmod for the 45 number. Got some silvering on the black tail number which of course showed up after the dull coat was sprayed on, on well. Nylon thread was used for the antenna wire and a PittPen to highlight the panel lines. The rockets were spares from a Tamiya P-47. Overall, it was fun to build and now I'll get started on that A-20 that's been gathering dust sitting on my stash shelf.

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  1. @tom-bebout

    Hey Tom, what a great addition to your ever growing collection of P-40s!

    Funny that I saw this same photo like a week or two ago in another forum and became mesmerised by it. It’s a stunning weathering exercise to replicate that huge oil stain on top of a very fume weathered fuselage side, amongst other details.

    I wish I had the same decal stash you have so I could try my luck building this bird.

    Congrats! Keep’em coming

  2. That's a fine-looking P-40 Tom and the addition of the color photo of the real bird was an extra treat. All very nicely done. I look forward to seeing the upcoming A-20.

  3. You could be addicted to worse things

    Must be all that practice which resulted in a beautiful finish

  4. Amazing P40, Tom @tom-bebout
    I fully understand that you have a huge collection of this aircraft.
    Would love to see all of them captured in one shot 😉

  5. Absolutely wonderful model in every respect, Tom!

  6. Nice job, Tom. The Bebout-Curtiss iron works in action! Where's the usual display base?

  7. Great work Tom! I've got a P-40 F on my short list.

    • Thanks Dale @dtravis and have fun with that F model. Short or long tail ?

      • Not sure @tom-bebout as I have both kits, but I'm leaning toward the short, this one in particular

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Another eye-catching P-40, Tom. The rocket tubes definitely reinforce the snarling shark mouth. I like the dark tones of the OD you have applied. It's a color that can come out in so many forms but the deeper shades often look the best, IMO. Great paint and decal work overall.

  9. Great work, Tom. P-40s, like Spitfires, offer endless schemes and variants.

  10. Looks like it's ready for takeoff! Great gagle of P-40s

  11. Great looking P-40, Tom. Despite recently just completing my B, I've been itching to get started on my Eduard/Mauve N model. Seeing your excellent results sure makes me want to do that sooner rather than later... Also cant wait to see your A-20!

  12. @tom-bebout, Beauty Tom! ? Gotta love that built-in headwind! ?

  13. Nice job on your P-40N, and I love your P-40 collective!

  14. Nicely done, and nice collection, Tom!

  15. Another nice one Tom.

  16. G'day Tom (@tom-bebout),
    This is a great build and an impressive collection of P-40s.
    It seems that you are lacking an Aussie P-40 or three, though...

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