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1/48 Airfix Spitfire MK XIV

August 5, 2022 · in Aviation · · 13 · 0.8K

Here is 's MK XIV built out of the box with no modifications. Overall it's a nice build experience with the exception of the fit of the "saddle" forward of the windscreen which was terrible and had to be feathered into the rest of the model with lots of putty and sanding.

I wrecked one on the wing roundels and had to order a mystery replacement online. The color of the replacement didn't match the kit decals and I accidently applied the roundels to far forward. Oh well things don't always go the way you plan in this hobby.

I finished the Spitfire with Vallejo acrylics, Tamiya weathering powder, panel liner, and artist oils. I tried a new technique for chipping that I am pleased with and looks much more subtle than my normal sponge technique. For the second build in a row I used free hand for the camo.

Happy with the result despite the self inflicted mistakes, learned some new things, and had fun along the way.

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  1. The end result is stunning, David!
    Thanks for the kit info!

  2. Nice result despite your difficulties.

    If you decide to do another one, here's the trick to avoid all that angst. glue the fuselage together before installing the cockpit. Put some sheet plastic inside the area the gas tank goes, along the lower edge to either side. Then test fit and modify the tank till it fits. Glue it in position and work on the fit from inside and out. It will fit this way and you do not have to do all that other stuff. You can pop the cockpit into position without a problem.

  3. Nice work, David. Your airbrush work is very good. I like that kit. I’ve done two of them and will do at least one more with full span wings.

  4. Great build, David @dbutlr
    Paintwork and weathering looks superb.
    Which chipping technique did you use instead of your usual sponge technique.

    • Hi John, thanks for the nice words- I used a sharpened tooth pick with silver paint as well as a very fine tip brush to mainly focus on where panels meet and along the wing tip. The result is (I think) a little more convincing that some of my previous builds where I felt I got carried away a little bit with sponging on silver paint. I think the sponge method is one I will still use but maybe just a bit more sparingly

  5. Came out great, David (@dbutlr). Getting the forward part of the canopy to fit can be a touchy problem because of the need to preserve the clarity of the glass. It looks like the fit came out perfectly. The paint is particularly well done.

  6. Nice job, great looking Spitfire!

  7. That's a great-looking Spit! Well done.

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