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Miles Magister (MikroMir 1/32)

January 22, 2023 · in Aviation · · 23 · 0.9K

Malies Magister was a trainer and acrobatics aircraft designed in the 1930s. I like this classic look of it, and it's visible from the start, that the aircraft is from the Golden Era of aviation. For me, Miles Magister was one of the first topics in scale modelling, because of the FROG kit, so I have some sentiments here.

kit is a typical short run kit. I've dropped the in-box painting schemes in favour of African RAAF colours. This required creating painting masks for national insignia and numbers. Other additions were seat belts, and rear windscreen made of film, because original part is too thick even for scale.

Those, who interested in the build details, here is the WIP thread –

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  1. A stunning result, Dmitry! Love it!
    Amazing build thread, as well, joyfully followed!

  2. Beautiful work done, Dmitry @starfar
    This scheme is nicely applied and fits the Magister perfectly.
    It was a pleasure to follow your learningful thread.

  3. That's a gorgeous build Dmitry. Great subject supported with great pictures 😊 excellent

  4. Really nice work @starfar and a great result.

  5. Turned out great, Dmitry, I enjoyed your build thread as well.

  6. @starfar
    The version you chose to paint makes your Magister stand out from the more common Dark Green/Earth RAF scheme, and the subtle realistic weathering applied gets the details just right Dmitry, thumbs up

  7. Nice build and great build thread, very informative. Good work.

  8. Looks great! Nicely weathered and finished.

  9. This is a beauty, great job!

  10. Very nice Magister, well done! I did one in 1{48 a while back, also in the desert scheme.

  11. Beautiful build - nice subtle weathering, and great paintwork. Well done.

  12. Such a cool little plane. I don't recall ever seeing one before. Beautiful work it really looks great.

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