1:48 Scale, Eduard, Grumman F4F-3 "Wildcat"

February 9, 2023 · in Aviation · · 21 · 0.9K

Calling this one DONE! Also the second for the year, 's AWESOME -3 "". Fantastic kit, loved the build and will start another one shortly.

IMHO, I think this is the best kit of the F4F in any scale, hands down. I still love the Tamiya kit, but this one is WAY ahead in pretty much every aspect. However, it is NOT as forgiving a build as the the Tamiya. Very thin parts and very frail...don't ask how I know... The most complicated part of the build, is the landing gear. Make sure it's all lined up, or you'll have issues.

I used Valeiho paint for the lower and my own mix for the uppers. Decals are from Yellow Wings. I used Flory Washes, pastel chalks and thinned oils for the weathering.

Markings are those of Capt. Henry T. Elrod, USMC, (MOH) who flew this "Wildcat" in defense of Wake Island in December of 1941. He was killed in action during the second Japanese assault, fighting on the ground with Marine Infantry.

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  1. Beautiful painting ... weathered just the right amount !

  2. A real beauty, Frederick! Well done!

  3. Very nice Freddy. You're right about the kit being best. As to the Tamiya kit, compare this to a Tamiya Wildcat and you will find that there are some pretty serious shape issues. I'm fine with detail differences, but it turns out Tamiya missed it on basic shape. This turns out to be the case on almost all of the Tamiya releases from the 1990s - they were so busy keeping up with Hasegawa. Shows the "buildability" should never be confused with "accuracy," which a lot of people have done. When it comes to the Corsairs, the Swordfish, the N1K1-J, and some others, they nailed those. The rest, not so much.

    You've done a really good job with this. The bare minimum weathering is good - in fact, the VMF-211 airplanes were only painted with the blue upper camo while aboard Enterprise on the way to Wake.

  4. Beautiful work done, Frederick @fjs3
    Painting and weathering does indeed look amazing.

  5. A brilliant build Frederick 👍the weathering is perfect. Nice one

  6. Very nice looking model.
    I have had the Tamiya kit for years and never got around to build it...
    This one makes me want to have a wildcat on the bench!

  7. Great work on what already appears to be a “classic” kit.

  8. Yeah that looks good, the surface detail is very sharp. Used some "marbling" yes? Came out nice and subtle. Just about right for the quick spray job they would have got on Enterprise.
    Have not yet seen this or the Zero in any of our esteemed LHS's yet.

  9. Lovely work Fred - love those colourful markings!

  10. Beautiful. Love the subtle weathering.

  11. A fine lookin' Wildcat. I've done the Tamiya and Hobby Boss, guess it's time to do Eduard's!

  12. Looks great! I'm a fan of the stubby little fighter.

  13. Great looking Wildcat. Done just right! I’ll have to try one of these and donate my already built Tamiya to somebody.

  14. Fantastic looking Wildcat.

  15. Thanks Guys! Was a fun build and will be doing another! Soon!

  16. Nice looking Wildcat!

  17. Nice looking Cat, and it's nice to hear it's a top notch kit as well

  18. Great build and good choice of camo. The Wildcat always gets painted up with Thatch and the like, seeing Capt. Henry T. Elrod's "Wildcat" offers a different choice from painting the standard and brings a reminder that other pilots such as Elrod payed the ultimate sacrifice for democracy.

    I see that Eduard is making either resin wings or printed wings. You can now do a Eduard Wildcat with folding wings. More options for a great kit. However, I would prefer to see hold, drop, spill and shoot some plastic across the room. With my gifts and talents some of these printed pieces are " Very thin parts and very frail...don't ask how I know"
    also applies to this modeler. Accuracy has its limits.

    Fred your build is a inspiration.

    Two thumbs up.

    • Thanks Stephan!

      The kind words are greatly appreciated. Build what you’re comfortable with as best you can. If you’re an early war guy like me, this is a terrific kit. Tamiya and Hobby Boss are good as well, but this thing is darned good.

  19. Great job as usual Freddie. I will miss not seeing you at Replicon next month.

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