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Hasegawa 1/48 Bf 109E-4/7

March 3, 2023 · in Aviation · · 34 · 552

Peter-Paul Steindl was an Austrian pilot born on 12th May 1914.

He was the Staffelkapitän of 5./JG 26 from 7th April 1943 until 1st May 1943... ... and of 11./JG 26 from 20th June 1943 until 3rd November 1943 when he was shot down by P-47s and injured, his coming down east of Friesland. On 9th January 1945 he was killed when his Fw 190 D-9, WNr. 210 983, "Blaue 10" crashed southeast of Fürstenau airfield during a test flight after a repair, the place of his burial being the Fürstenau cemetery.

Steindl was married to Hedy Steindl, born Schmidt.

According to his death notice his name was Paul-Ernst, deeming somewhat strange the fact that he is always called Peter-Paul or Paul. His claims, listed all as a Hauptmann, included one Spitfire, two LaGG-3s, one La-5, three Il-2s, one Mosquito and one B-17.

This is the initial release Bf-109E-4/7, a kit that has been reported to have some shape issues, mainly a thinner rear fuselage and a too flat top cowling, but, otherwise, a very nice kit

The kit was an entrant t a "combo-build" effort, originated by my special Friend John vd Biggelaar @johnb.

Should you wish to read the ful build review, you might do so by visiting my beloved site Modelingmadness:

Happy modelling!
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  1. Great work on this!

  2. I'm always impressed with someone who can get away with doing the squiggles on the sides of 109 fuselages.
    No runs, drips or errors. Everything is sharp and crisp. I like the Bio/article on Peter-Paul Steindl. This helps separate and make the build more relevant to the reader. Nots just another Me-109 in a line up of many. This hobby has grown to be more than slapping plastic together now with computers, cameras, articles and fiddling around with lights. Although, in the beginning, it was all about being a slap happy kid. Cheers to being a kid.

    Spiros thankyou, for sharing.

  3. Very nice Spiros - I like that scheme with the thin spin strip of solid camo above the squiggled fuselage sides. I have an E next on my 109 agenda, but most likely in Japanese markings...

  4. Excellent 109, Spiros! I second the camo strip. Nice work.

  5. An excellent result, Spiros @fiveten
    This specific camouflage scheme is a difficult one but with your skills it is applied perfectly.
    It was a pleasure to built together on our 109's, once again I learned a lot from your approach.

  6. Nice build, love the fuselage camo.

  7. Great job, Spiros! With that paint scheme and markings it's a real eye catcher.

  8. @fiveten - Excellent build and write up Spiros! Fantastic work as always.

  9. Very nice camo pattern! Did You paint witout template?

  10. Great squiggly airbrushing here, Spiros @fiveten. Interesting demarcation line on the fuselage top between the canopy and tail. Never seen that before. Saw your MM post as well, what - yesterday? Keep'em coming!

  11. splendid Spiros!

  12. It may have shape issues, (don’t we all?) but it certainly looks like a 109. Terrific work on the camouflage, nice photos, and a cool biography. Another good post from you, Spiros.

  13. That looks terrific Spiros @fiveten! 🤩 Great paintwork, lovely photography, interesting history...well, it's another wonderful article from Spiros, just what we expected! 😁

  14. Very realistic finish, and very informative article. That is a good fitting kit and you did a great job building it.👍🏻

  15. Very nice work on this 109. Interesting that the wing trailing edges are yellow, very unique !

  16. A little gem of a 109, Spiros @fiveten. That camo pattern is challenging. It came out beautifully.

  17. A very nice looking build Spiros. I love the scheme, the yellow and the shades of green makes this an eye catching scheme.

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