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I have been building plastic models for most of my life Started out as a kid, got sidetracked by girls, marriage and kids, (But I never stopped building though…) then got back into it in the early 80’s…

I really got serious about HOW I build after reading a Kalmbach book titled, “How to Build Scale Models” by Roscoe Creed. It’s written in plain English, and it’s written to someone who really had no idea how to make, “those seams go away.” From there the rest is history.

Mostly I build aircraft, but I have started to dabble with some armor and ships. we’ll see how that turns out!

I’ve met many great folks while enjoying this hobby and hopefully will meet a few more from this website. I LOVE the low key approach, and the complete lack of whining that can be seen on other sites.

Thanks for having me aboard!!

Airfix 1:48 Scale Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

Hey Folks Here are a few WIP pictures, updating what's been done on this kit. She's a real beauty! I have some touching up to do before I apply the first gloss coat. Then it's decals, second gloss coat, and then the flat coat and "fidley bits[...]

Completed models for 2015!

I managed to get four kits done this year. First is the Hobby Boss, 1:32 scale, Stormovik. This one was the single seat on skis. Good kit, with a couple of fit issues with the outer wing panels, but I enjoyed building it, and will build anoth[...]

Work In Progress-Nichimo 1:48 scale, Ki-45, “Toryu”

Hello Folks! It's been awhile since I lasted posted anything on here. This is a project I have been kicking around for a long time, and finally decided to jump off the fence and get busy. Most of my glue sniffing buddies have either built[...]

Italieri, 1:48 Scale Macci C.200 “Saetta”

This kit is one of a few of Italian WWII aircraft that has been released by Italieri. I have to say that all in all I was not over impressed with the kit. The plastic is soft and the detail is kind of lacking. I was not impressed with the fit[...]

Tamiya, 1:48 Scale Bristol Beaufighter Mk-VI

Another great kit by Tamiya, so what else can I say. Fit was spot on and other than the need of some extra detail in the respective cockpits, the kit is awesome. I only say that because for some it's not enough. Others, (Like me) will j[...]

Hasegawa, 1:48 Scale, Kawanishi N1K1-Ja, ‘Shinden’ (George)

Hey Folks, I've been away for a bit, but still building. Thought I'd post a few pictures of one of my latest builds. Loved the kit and it went together very well. A minimum of fit issues and the detail was nicely done without that "In [...]

1:48 scale Hobby Boss F4F-3, “Wildcat”

Remember that F4F-3 I saw in the hobby shop after I finished converting the Tamiya F4F-4 to a -3? Well, I bought one and decided to see how it stacked up against the Tamiya kit. In my opinion, Tamiya is the better kit. Even though Hobby Boss d[...]

It’s another 1:48 scale Otaki F6F-3, “Hellcat”

Hey folks, This is one of my very early efforts at building a model seriously. Otaki does make a really nice Hellcat, even for it's age. With all the posts of some of these older models, it kind of makes me want to do a little refurbishing t[...]

Tamiya F4F-4, converted to an F4F-3, “Wildcat”

Keeping the "Wildcat" thing going.... I really wanted to add an F4F-3 to the collection and since there was none out there, finally decided to convert Tamiya's outstanding F4F-4. Overall it was not such a hard thing to accomplish, (I did it so.[...]

Tamiya, 1:48 scale F4F-4, converted to an FM-1, “Wildcat”

Another of my favorite aircraft to model, Grumman's F4F, "Wildcat" and any of it's variations. I won't go into a long diatribe of how good the Tamiya F4F is, If you've built one you already know that. If you have NOT.....please do yourself a f[...]