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I have been building plastic models for most of my life Started out as a kid, got sidetracked by girls, marriage and kids, (But I never stopped building though…) then got back into it in the early 80’s…

I really got serious about HOW I build after reading a Kalmbach book titled, “How to Build Scale Models” by Roscoe Creed. It’s written in plain English, and it’s written to someone who really had no idea how to make, “those seams go away.” From there the rest is history.

Mostly I build aircraft, but I have started to dabble with some armor and ships. we’ll see how that turns out!

I’ve met many great folks while enjoying this hobby and hopefully will meet a few more from this website. I LOVE the low key approach, and the complete lack of whining that can be seen on other sites.

Thanks for having me aboard!!

Hasegawa 1:48 scale Kawanishi N1K1-Ja

Little older kit here but fit seems decent. So far so good and it's about ready to paint her up. NMF on the lower surfaces and Kawanashi Navy Green on the top. More pictures to follow... Freddie

Hasegawa, 1:48 scale Mitsubishi F1M2, Type 0, Model 11, Observation Seaplane- “Pete”

This was another recent Hasegawa release that really is a blast to build. First attempt at a bi-plane as well. Kit builds very nicely and is another OOB effort.....again. Painted with Model Master Enamels in early war Imperial Japanese Navy s[...]

1:32 Scale Hasegawa Focke Wulf Fw-190A-5

This is one of Hasegawa's newer kits of this famous aircraft, and one of the fastest models I've ever built. I think it took me about a week, maybe a couple days longer from start to finish. Model was again built OOB, with the only additions be[...]

1:48 Scale, Tamiya P-47D-15Re, “Thunderbolt”

One of MY favorite models of all time. I know Koppos has that theme running but I have to say this is one really well engineered kit and it's a terriific build. This time, I did build the model OOB. It really doesn't need to have anything else[...]

1:48 Hasegawa P-40K-5CU

Hey folks, my first post here. Kit is the 1:48 scale Hasegawa P-40K "Warhawk". Model is built pretty much out of the box with the exception of the resin wheels from True Details and the wire brake lines....not really OOB now is it? I used a co[...]